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100K minimum bid VR NFT art auction

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Soon 2PM will run from BST to 27th.
Since then bid here: Br8ve VR

Auctions on Terra Virtua run from today to the 27th AIBC Summit in Dubai.

we are. Specs and work will be available for private viewing along with the conference upon request.

Watch sneak peak movie Here From the studio of VESA.


It was an artwork first commissioned by an early anonymous crypto OG, which revealed that Satoshi Nakamoto has eight different specialists in his field. The ‘Bitcoin story so far’ took me five months to transform into an artwork and another six months with the 3D Wizard Frank Speltholz, As well as musician Mighty 33 To convert it into a special VR artwork.

There is a 30-minute mini-documentary about it in this piece explaining the substance. The clock Here

The first of 10 NXT secrets is reserved for Ozzy, which may be one of eight people, and nine others will now be sold on the market with the Verzo headset. The Finnish company Varjo has the world’s most advanced VR headset, available only to industrial players such as Apple, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Volvo and more. The headset is not commercially available and has an astonishing 8K resolution that allows people to fly airplanes and perform surgery at major hospitals – and you. The NXT comes with a headset, controllers, a powerful laptop, and a physically signed large print copy of the original version. It is set up to troubleshoot remotely to ensure a smooth transition.

You can see a 2D preview of the work Here, As well as listen to the fantastic soundtrack by Mighty, which perfectly captures the danger, tension and power of Bitcoin Island in its purification.

2D version

Do you want astronaut grade VR goggles not available elsewhere in the market? The artwork comes with a laptop, the Varzo VR2pro headset, and a remote troubleshooting mechanism. check out

100K USD minimum bid

Bids for the 2/10 version will start at 100K USD, but as we know that people like exclusive things, only for the first version, we will offer a ‘Buy Now’ option for 1M USD, which means that There will be no other version come on the market. Then it will be 2/2.

See VESA address it in a tweet this morning

Take a look at this interview with co-founder Gary on why Terra Virtua is a big thing in the NXT space, and their art segment will soon become a force to reckon with. Here.

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