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23% increase in Fed’s daily tapering – Tuesday’s reverse repo pulled $ 432 billion from market – Economics bitcoin news

Long before the introduction of Kovid-19, the US Federal Reserve introduced monetary easing policies and since then, the supply of M1 money stocks skyrocketed to levels never before seen in history. This weekend’s report showed that the Fed has started reducing quantitative easing (QE) when it removed $ 351 billion from the market last week. This Tuesday, the Fed revealed that it completed a $ 432.9 billion reverse repo operation.

  • On May 22, news Reported The Federal Reserve introduced a $ 351 billion overnight reverse repo (RRP). Tuesday Reported The reverse repo shows an increase of 23.07%.
  • RRP facility operations are the opposite of QE, as the Federal Reserve removes M1 from the system by selling the treasuries back to the market. The most recent overnight operations appear to be treasuries only, as there are no purchases. mortgage-backed securities (MBS) is mentioned.

23% increase in Fed's daily tapering - Tuesday's reverse repo pulled $ 432 billion from market

  • The Federal Reserve followed a $ 351 billion RRP operation with $ 369 billion on Friday and $ 395 billion on Monday.
  • US Central Bank Manifested On Tuesday, $ 432.9 billion was withdrawn from the financial markets.
  • Since the Federal Reserve is in the race for reverse repo operations, speculators feel that the central bank will continue to remove M1. “Fed reverse repo. 432.955 billion. Repo market is still broken, broken by 48 counterparties. We will break 500 billion tomorrow,” one person Tweeted on Tuesday.

23% increase in Fed's daily tapering - Tuesday's reverse repo pulled $ 432 billion from market

  • On Monday, Scott Skirm, executive vice president in fixed income and repo in curvature securities Commented Market Watch columnist Joey Wiltermuth on reverse repo position. “Why are they going to the Fed?” Skirm asked. “There is either too much cash or not enough collateral. It’s two sides of the same coin. “
  • “A BTIG research team led by Julian Emanuel described the situation as a cat and mouse game,” concludes the Wiltermuth report.
  • In 2020 alone, an estimate The 2020 M1 growth of the US central bank eclipsed two centuries of USD creation. this is an estimate That 24 to 30% of all USD was made in 2020 and Q1 2021.

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