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A new deflationary token with NXT platform support

Taboo, a community leadership project, launched a deflation token with its own NXT marketplace. It has an in-built stable rewards program where holders earn passively through a 5% tax distribution to token holders.

TABOO is an entertainment and media-based blockchain technology project that uses NFT to create an exciting future. The community-driven blockchain technology project is using NXT to create an excited and most importantly happy long-term holder. It is a deflationary token that brings never-before-seen uncensored NXT content specifically to members of the community, especially from the adult world. The firm is currently in talks with CoinMarketCap for the listing, while its airdrop program is live. The project is going to set up its own NXT market based on adult entertainment content without relying on any third party.

Prohibition Understands the basics of a successful The coin Must be marketing! The project has thus been developed to bring it to the community interest. This bull season has led to several crypto events, the most prominent being the craze surrounding community-driven tokens and irreplaceable tokens (NXT). Tabu brings the best of both worlds with its deflation The coin With an NXT platform that provides opportunities to all.

As a community-driven project these are not only truly decentralized, but the community can give rise to many new use cases, whether it is in the form of payback or to use it to earn passive rewards. Similarly, NXT is not a new phenomenon and has been in the region for more than 2 years. Until now its use case was limited to using it as a fan token for various sports clubs and video game in-game memorabilia. However, in this bull season it has become a favorite of many mainstream artists and celebrities, who are auctioning off their rare artifacts and memorabilia for millions of dollars.

Taboo aims to improve the adult entertainment industry with its token and NXT auction platform. The project thus has the potential to break the $ 100 million market cap, while also ensuring that the stage is accessible for artists to sell.

How does the forbidden ecosystem function?

TABOO is a community lead project with full rug-proof protection, enabling a completely secure environment for all investors with a fully locked liquidity pool. Rug-pull has become a type of norm in the bull market as the popularity of any new use cases attracts high interest as well as vulnerability. Scammers often hunt new people who want to make some quick money and, as a result, any new project gets millions of liquidity in a few days, and with enough money in their pocket, the project disappears without a trace She goes. Taboo erases the possibility of rag-pull with its closed liquidity pool.

Loyal holders are rewarded with a share of every transaction where, with every transaction, 2% is permanently burned from the supply, meaning that the amount of tokens in existence is always going down, so , Makes this token harder and harder which in turn will increase the price of the token. The 5% is distributed to all holders, which means that the amount of tokens in the user’s wallet is steadily increasing.

Tabu team Is an entertainment and publishing blockchain platform initiative that uses NXT to build an inspired and, most importantly, satisfied long-term holders. They are a deflating token that brings unique never-before-seen uncensored NXT content from world renowned beauties.

The staff at TABOO understands that the basic principles of a good The coin Must be marketing! They need a crowd whose values ​​are shared, and there is no doubt that as a group, they will push it forward The coin Well ahead of the $ 1 billion market cap in no time.

Forbidden tokenomics

88% of the total market circulation supply of tabu tokens has been discontinued for community use. 6% of the total token will be used for marketing purposes, while the other 6% will be saved for the developers of the project.

The development fund will be used for top tier exchange listings and future development Prohibition. Marketing funds will be used to promote this project across all the best marketing channels.

Forbidden roadmap

Q3 2021:

  1. Launch of native NXT marketplace
  2. Top Tier CEX Listing
  3. Deploy exclusive NFT content for premium TABOO holders
  4. Banner advertising campaign
  5. Glamor Model Marketing
  6. Start a conversation with leading online adult entertainment websites

Tabu is bringing the adult entertainment industry to the blockchain run by the community. The project has the potential to emerge as one of the most innovative platforms to emerge in this bull season with its unique role on community-driven projects, tokens and the NXT marketplace.

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