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ABBC Foundation strikes new partnership with TNC Group’s Real Research

The ABBC Foundation has just formed a significant partnership with of TNC Group Actual research project. Since its inception in 2017, the ABBC Foundation has achieved several important milestones. Continuing its mission of establishing ‘Future of Payment Security’, the brand is happy to announce its latest achievement.

The signing of this new partnership with Real Research of TNC Group is yet another big success for both the companies. Thanks to this new partnership, ABBC coins will soon be awarded as a reward coin On Real Research Platform. This means that sponsors on the Real Research platform will soon have the option to choose either TNC or ABBC as a prize.

While TNC can be purchased on the sponsor portal through exchanges and PayPal, ABBC coin Will also be bought like this soon. Therefore, once the purchase is confirmed, sponsors can use ABBC coin reward coin To each respondent who completes their survey answer.

Real Research is a relatively new project and already has over 300,000 users. In addition, it is still rapidly growing its user base. The platform hosts the Real Research app and Genuine Research Sponsor Portal. The former is mainly used by users who answer surveys and earn reward coins. On the other hand, the latter is used by sponsors to create and launch specific surveys to reach their target demographic.

Finally by giving away the ABCC coin as a prize coin on a popular platform like real researchABBC team expects to see huge growth in ABBC coin the user. This is a promising development for both sides. ABBC team guesses that ABBC coin Thanks to this new partnership, this year will see approximately 100,000,000 new users. The team is also very keen and excited to see ABBC price increase through this expected increase in users.

Hence, the ABBC team is working tirelessly to ensure that this expected growth in users goes smoothly. The ABBC community will obviously be hearing more updates after this latest development. Meanwhile, Jason Daniel Paul Phillip, CEO of ABBC Foundation, believes this partnership will bring great value to the ABBC ecosystem.

Additionally, he shared his feelings on the partnership saying,

“First of all, I am grateful to our loyal users for the unwavering support our project has received over the years. There really is no milestone we cannot achieve together. I am proud to see that How far has this project come and I look forward to seeing the future efforts of the ABBC Foundation.

Finally, the ABBC Foundation is pleased to see the fruits of this new partnership. Total 10,000,000. In addition to reaching your next milestone of achieving more abcc coin Holders, ABBC Foundation is excited to see an increase in ABBC market value as well.

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