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An NFT of the picture that inspired Dogecoin is currently worth $4M. sold in

Dogecoin has seen Important focus in 2021 Coupled with its dramatic price hike. Considering this growth, someone sold a non-fungible token (NFT) of the picture, on which Dogecoin (Doge) was cryptocurrency based.

“The original image that started it all,” reading Details of NFT, lot sold at auction. “This photo of Shiba Inu ‘Kabosu’ was taken by its owner Atsuko Sato on February 13, 2010,” the description states, adding:

After sharing it on his personal blog along with a series of other famous images under the title “Walking with Kabosu-chan,” these photos kickstarted the Doge meme and have since circulated across the web — none more iconic than this. picture.”

According to the auction site, the NFT was mined on May 31 by a user named @kabosumama. The first bid came on 8 June from a user willing to pay 6.5 Ethereum (ETH) to bit. Bidding proceeded from there. The winning bid of 1,696.90 ETH – over $4M at the time of publication – was placed at stake on 11 June.

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Topping up to $0.70 per coin, Dogecoin price has increased significantly in 2021. However, the asset has declined significantly since then, recently trading at around $0.31 at the time of publication, in line with the rest of the crypto market.

Dogecoin’s Self-Proclaimed CEO Elon Musk Has Posted several tweets related to Dogecoin in recent months. Jackson Palmer and Billy Marcus Created property in 2013 As a meme-based crypto parody.