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Apple wants to hire ‘alternative payment’ manager with crypto experience

Global software giants Apple Inc. Hiring for a new business development manager specializing in alternative payments, indicating that the iPhone maker is moving towards digital assets.

New job post for “Business Development Manager – Alternative Pay” Posted On Apple’s career website on Tuesday. The new hire will be responsible for defining major alternative payment partnerships and new commercialization streams.

Apple is seeking a business professional with more than ten years of experience, with a five-year track record of “alternative payment providers, such as Digital Wallet, BNPL, Fast Payments, Cryptocurrency” and others.

While the job posting is compelling, Apple remains largely on the edge of the cryptocurrency industry and has yet to indicate definitive plans for expansion in this market. Interestingly, The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase recently beat Tiktok. The most downloaded app on the Apple Store.

Speculation about Apple’s foray into the digital currency sector has intensified in recent months, as investors have seen Tesla adding billions worth billions of dollars.B T c) For its strategic reserves. In addition to adding BTC to its balance sheet, Apple may be in this position Permanently disrupt the nascent industry By entering the crypto exchange business, according to Paul Steeves, an analyst at Royal Bank of Canada Dominion Securities.

“if [Apple] When the cryptocurrency exchange decides to enter the business, we think the firm can quickly gain market share and disrupt the industry, “Steve said in February.” The firm is a multi-billion company with just a few clicks. May unlock dollar opportunity. “

With a market capitalization of $ 2.1 trillion, Apple remains the largest company to do business in the United States. company Was Its most recent earnings were $ 192.8 billion in cash during the quarter, down from $ 207.06 billion during the previous quarter.