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Billionaire Karl Ikan Mules dive into cryptocurrency in ‘Big Way’ with investment of around $ 1.5 billion – news bitcoin news

Billionaire investor Carl Ikan, founder of Icahn Enterprises, says his company is exploring how to engage in cryptocurrency “in a relatively large way”, which he said could be an investment of about $ 1.5 billion.

Karl Ikan Looking For Cryptocurrency

Carl Icán, the founder and controlling shareholder of Icahn Enterprises, a diversified conglomerate holding company based in New York City, revealed his cryptocurrency plan in an interview with Bloomberg on Wednesday. He said:

I’m looking at the whole business and how I can get involved with Icahn Enterprises in a relatively big way because, I think, it’s here to stay in one form or another.

Icahn is one of Wall Street’s most successful investors. In 1678, he created Icahn & Co. Formed, which is a securities firm focusing on arbitrage and option trading. In 1978, he started taking substantial positions in individual companies including RJR Nabisco, Texaco, Philips Petroleum, Western Union, Gulf & Western, Viacom, Uniroyal, Dan River, Marvel, Revlon, Fairmont, Time Warner, Yahoo, Lions Gate, CIT . , Motorola, Genzyme, Biogen, Chesapeake Energy, El Paso, Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Lawson Software, Medimmune, Dell, Netflix, Forest Laboratories, Apple, and Ebay.

The billionaire investor was specifically asked what the “relatively big way” is for him and his company. He told me:

A big way for us would be one billion dollars, one and a half billion dollars, something like that. I think it will be a big way for us. But sometimes we grow older than that, sometimes much smaller. I will not say properly.

Ikan further clarified: “To be clear, we have never purchased any cryptocurrency, but we are studying it.”

The billionaire mentioned that in his view many cryptocurrencies are more valuable. He said: “Most of the cryptocurrency released today will not survive, but we believe that cryptocurrency may be here to stay in one form or another.”

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