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Binance wants to gain market share through NXT marketplace ‘100 Creators Campaign’

In an increasingly crowded marketplace, Binance is going aggressive with a business development push aimed at bringing “100 creators” to its upcoming NFT platform.

In a press release today, Binance announced a drop from Misha Most, a renowned street artist who currently holds the world record for the largest wall mural. Most will be making 10 NFTs created in collaboration with other artists, and the pieces will be available for sale in the first week after the market launch, which is currently scheduled for June 24.

“Digital art is infused with a sense of community that, as a street artist, it’s very close to me, and I’m used to working in a team with other creators,” Most said in the press release. “Working on NXT is a unique opportunity for me to collaborate with digital artists. For me, the transformation of familiar works into digital art is primarily an experiment, and real art is about that. “

Most other artists, celebrities and athletes attend, including Binance being greeted by Binance, including footballers Michael Owen and Alfonso Davis, singer-songwriter Louise Capaldi and artist Trevor Jones.

The wide range of “creators” reflects a harsh competitive reality for the NXT marketplace: users rarely have any loyalty to a particular series, platform, or product, and a A growing number of companies (including e-commerce giants eBay) Intends to be a shovel seller during the new digital gold rush.

As a result, attractive intellectual property and licensing is the only way for a stage to stand in front of collectors – and on this front Binance appears to be casting a wide net In the hope that a wide range of voices would attract an equally wide range of users.

Lily Lee, PR manager at Binance, said in an interview with Cointelegraph, “The 100 Creators Campaign is one of the campaigns created by Binance NFT and aims to support and promote innovative creators around the world and spotlight NFT pieces from different cultures. is to do.” “With this campaign, we hope to be able to reach users from different regions.”

So far, the flow is managed to secure a major portion of the market share Behind the partnership with the National Basketball Association. While their top shot collectible highlights prices Recently backtracked, his daily total volume is still regularly in the top 3 on Dapparadar.

However, several other platforms have been throwing elbows of late in an effort to secure a share of the market. ConsenSys is Launching Supported Palm A drop from renowned British artist Damiant Hearst, and so is WAX trying Login with baseball card giant tops.