Cryptocurrency News Wallet Adds ETH – Promoted Bitcoin News The team is excited to announce the integration of Ethereum Wallet. This means that anyone can now buy, receive, store, trade and send ether (ETH) With the convenience and security of the industry’s most user-friendly, non-custodial wallet.

how it works

when you open Wallet, You will now see the Ethereum section in your home screen. Tap “BuyThe button will prompt you to enter the purchase amount. If you’ve already set up your payment method, your purchase will go through immediately. It’s that easy!

If you have other cryptocurrencies in your wallet, you can do it now Exchange Any amount for ETH – or vice versa. You can also send And get receive ETH use of Wallet, just like you would with any other asset.

You also have the option to import an existing Ethereum wallet. Just tap “add/importScan buttons and QR codes on the home screen or enter a 12-word cryptic phrase from your existing wallet.

Your digital assets, under your control

remember, perfect The wallet (including your Ethereum wallet) is ‘non-custodial’, meaning that you are in complete control of your digital assets. Whenever you want, there is no need to ask for permission from the centralized exchange to send your property immediately. You will never be ‘deposited’, and there is no risk of a third party being hacked or bankrupted. Of course, with great power comes great responsibility, so don’t forget to do it Back up ‘key’ Your wallet.

Unstoppable Domain and ENS Integration Wallet Still supports both Unstoppable Domain and the Ethereum Naming System (ENS) This means that you can easily send cryptocurrency – including – B T c, BCH, ETH, And more – for nicknames like “jessica.crypto” or “vitalik.eth”. Get your own invincible domain in the wallet via the Discover tab.

For more information about Ethereum and a guide on how to use it in your wallet, please visit Here.

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