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Bitcoin dropped to $ 36K as ARK’s Kathy Wood addresses BTC regulatory fears

Bitcoin (B T c) During the New York opening trading session, a gain of more than $ 40,000 lost momentum on Thursday as traders decided to make short-term gains.

Benchmark cryptocurrency fell by 12.08% after topping the Coinbase at $ 40,440. It hit a low of $ 36,410 before London’s opening bell on Friday, showing upside resilience among traders near the $ 40,000 level.

The price of bitcoin pulls back after testing its 200-day simple MA. Source: Trading View

Technical and Emerging Rules

concerned about Strict Crypto Market Rules Made headwinds for an otherwise choppy but solid bitcoin price recovery.

In retrospect, the BTC / USD exchange rate $ 30,000. Had crashed till On May 19, the wire was struck after news of China’s ban on crypto transactions.

In the same week, US President Joe Biden’s administration targeted regional crypto investors by making it mandatory to report $ 10,000. Transaction over For the Internal Revenue Service, creating more negative pressure on bitcoin and similar digital assets.

Meanwhile, worry about High inflation Prevents bitcoin from moving further downstream. The last major inflation report in the US showed figures of about 4.2%, about 2.2% higher than the Federal Reserve’s expectations.

Ideally, this could have prompted the US central bank to curtail its current expansionist policies, but officials agreed that the inflation spike was “transient” in nature.

Mixed fundamental signals have pushed the price of bitcoin into a volatile trading range, with $ 35,000 acting as an interim support and $ 40,000 acting as an interim resistance.

Wood feeds rapid fire

Meanwhile, ARK Investment CEO Kathy Wood attempted to calm fears about a stringent investigation on bitcoin entities.

Speaking at the Unanimous 2021 conference earlier this week, the noted tech investor said that it is Impossible to shut down cryptocurrency, Reiterating their views that regulators will eventually need to wrap their minds around blockchain assets.

“I think competitive mobility in the rest of the world is helping us in the United States. I think it’s been good,” Wood said Said in an interview last week.

On the decline in institutional investment in the cryptocurrency space, Wood said investors had stopped their capital inflows into bitcoin and other rival assets over their questionable environmental profile. Elon Musk raised the same issue while undertaking his benchmark Tesla decides to stop taking bitcoin payments For your electric vehicles.

However, the billionaire entrepreneur later supported a coalition of North American crypto miners to track and reduce crypto-related carbon emissions.

“Half the Solution: Understanding the Problem,” Wood said During his consensus conference address.

“This auditing of miners in North America, of course, is set to bring considerable relief to the subject of how much of their electricity use is generated by renewable energy, and will encourage a rapid adoption of renewable otherwise. Would have taken place otherwise. “

He said that institutional purchases in the bitcoin market would resume upon improving the green profile of cryptocurrency.

Wood’s ARK increased its Coinbase Shares (COIN) holdings last week, buying another 223,181 units of stock to push Net exposure of Upwards of $ 1 billion on the Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency exchange.

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