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‘Bitcoin is the king of crypto and it’s here to stay’, says eToro CEO

while countries like El Salvador welcomes bitcoin (BTC) with open arms, other Regions pushing to legally ban digital currency. However it may be, some industry experts believe that bitcoin is here to stay – for good.

For example, during an exclusive interview at Bitcoin 2021 Miami, eToro CEO Yoni Assia told Cointelegraph that he considers bitcoin the “king of crypto”, noting that the most popular digital currency is here to stay. :

“I would be surprised if we don’t see a significant increase in the price of bitcoin in the next three to five years, because there are still 5 billion people in the world who basically don’t have a good local currency.”

Yet to make this dream a reality, Guy Hirsch, managing director of eToro US, told Cointelegraph that people need to believe in the ethics of decentralization of money:

“I think the moral case for bitcoin and teaching people that this is the right thing to do is basically a separation of state and money. This will ultimately create the vision we all aspire to.”

Law: Connecting the Old World to the New World

To prepare for a decentralized future, Asia noted that eToro is building a bridge between traditional finance and the crypto industry. Asia, therefore, explained that the combination of crypto assets and equities is important. “Most of our clients trade both cryptocurrencies as well as stocks in the platform. I think this is definitely a trend that we will continue with in the future,” he said.

Asia further mentioned that it is Nice to see more institutions entering the crypto space, especially when it comes to innovating within decentralized finance, or DeFi:

“DeFi is a little bit of the wild west right now. No regulation, no real financial institutions, but a lot of amazing innovation. I think we see a lot of that innovation going to traditional or regulated financial institutions, centralized companies, so that consumers can get better. to be able to offer that innovation directly.

In addition, Asia mentioned that he believes that over $100 trillion in native digital assets will be transferred over the next 10 years. He added that this will be driven by the belief that almost all financial assets will eventually be included on the blockchain network going forward.