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BTC, ETH, ADA, Sol, Theta

When market sentiment turns bearish, every little negative news, though insignificant, pulls prices down as traders panic. This comes after China’s social media giant Weibo suspended several crypto-related accounts and fears that there could be widespread action.

In other news, a note from Goldman Sachs stated that bitcoin was discovered in his meeting with 25 chief investment officers of long-only and hedge funds (B T c) In form of at least Preferred property for investment.

Crypto market data daily view. Source: Coin360

While the news may turn negative in the short term, it is unlikely to change the long-term story of bitcoin. As the price improves, many institutional investors may consider crypto investments to hedge their portfolios against a potential surge in inflation in the United States.

From the point of view of most traders, the current decline in bitcoin represents a buying opportunity for the long term.

Let us analyze the chart of top-5 cryptocurrencies that are likely to outperform in the coming days.