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BTC is set to expire on fictional $ 2.2 billion in options, bitcoin contango is back – markets and prices bitcoin news

According to data from Skew Analytics, more than 55,000 bitcoin option contracts worth $ 2.2 billion will expire on Friday. The figures further show that, as far as options are concerned, Deribit has determined the lion’s share of the contracts to end with 48,469 bitcoin option contracts ($ 1.95 billion in hypothetical).

55K in bitcoin option set to expire, Deribit is $ 1.95 billion imaginary

  • Another major option expires after last week on May 28, 2021 Bitcoin (btc) Market sellout. Analytics provider Twitter account from Manifested On May 25, 2021, “more than 55k bitcoin options expire this Friday, with a $ 40k strike open at $ 130mln Fantasy.”
  • Slant data shows that around 55,900 contracts ($ 2.2 billion) will expire around 4 am (ET) on Friday.
  • Options expire after the recent market carnage. Originating from China, Significant leverage, And Environmental FUD During the last two weeks. However, skew analytics said That bitcoin (B T c) Markets “absorbed this week’s selloff better during the COVID-19 terror on March 12, 2020” B T c going
  • Data from derivatives exchange Deribit Shows that the lion’s share of bitcoin option contracts is placed on the trading platform. About B T c the option, In the context of open interestExchanges such as Ledgerx, Okex, and CME follow Deribit’s leadership respectively.
$ 2.2 Billion in BTC Options to End on Fantasy Friday, Bitcoin Contango Is Back
At press time, B T c ‘Maximum pain’ at $ 50k is 26.9% higher than Bitcoin (B T c) Thursday evening at 5:30 pm (ET) Current Spot Market Price.
  • Deribit’s insights indicate that the exchange’s “big end is coming tomorrow as 48,469” B T c The option contract (USD 1.95b notional) expires and 307,558 ETH Options (USD 877 million imaginary).

  • Deribit Insights notes that “for ‘maximum pain’ B T c Is USD 50k and ETH USD 3k. Deribit has also launched a new August expiry and the July futures will be launched on May 28, 2021.
  • The derivatives exchange further notes that “Contango has rebounded with annualized returns of up to 6.5% B T c And for 10% ETH, “And” Forever Money Positive Again. ” Deribit applied volatility index (DVOL) “Decreased (still high) to 110-115 level.”
$ 2.2 Billion in BTC Options to End on Fantasy Friday, Bitcoin Contango Is Back
At press time, ETH ‘Maximum pain’ at $ 3k is 11.11% higher than Ethereum (ETH) Thursday evening at 5:30 pm (ET) Current Spot Market Price.
  • Last Friday, Deribit’s Insights’ Twitter account Tweeted In about 48 hours Ethereum (ETH) the option. “19/5 Short Gamma + Vega Positions Forced to Close in Explosive Spot Volatility. Rapidly Market Pricing Increased Implied Volume> 350%; Realized Way More,” the exchange noted at the time. “But on 20/5 while B T c The options were cool, ETH Option Flow saw large straddle buyers pre-empting a major move.
  • Five days later on 26 May, Skew Analytics wrote As far as ETH Volatility is concerned “Current market volatility is back on par” [the] 2017 cycle. “

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