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Bitcoin (B T c) Is struggling to maintain any price level during the current pullback, reflecting a lack of demand at higher levels. Does this mean that the bull trend is over and institutional investors are leaving the crypto markets?

No! It is the other way around. Glasnod’s weekly newspaper Told That the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) premium is rising indicates that institutional investors are accumulating at lower levels.

GBTC is not alone, another popular vehicle for institutional investors, the Canadian Purpose Bitcoin exchange-traded fund, has also seen strong capital inflows. According to Glasnod analysts, it shows “early signs of new institutional interest”.

Crypto Market Data Daily View. Source: Coin360

Another metric that can be Notation One possible bottom in bitcoin is its dominance chart, which looks similar to the early part of 2017. If the dominance of bitcoin follows the same trajectory as in 2017, it would indicate that bitcoin is still at some distance from its peak and altcoin is still in place in the season. Daud.

Now that the monthly options and futures expiry have passed, investors may be wondering whether bitcoin can start a faster recovery next week and which altcoins will rally when that happens.

Let’s take a look at 5 cryptocurrencies that can start trending moves this week.