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Celebrity crypto poker tournaments will be streamed live on Twitch on the Virtue Poker Platform

Virtue Poker will host a high-value celebrity poker tournament to support charitable organizations. During the event, spectators can participate in gifts and win rare NXT prizes.

The upcoming poker tournament of Virtue Poker has a lot for everyone

Virtue pokerFunded by well-known industry investors including Pantera Capital, Concentesis, DFG Group, and others, it is fully prepared to host a celebrity poker tournament on its platform. The no-limit Texas Hold’em poker tournament will support charitable causes as twelve famous celebrities contend for the top spot. In addition to winning the rare NXT, the winner of the event gets to donate their winnings to any charitable organization of their choice.

Although the names of most of the contestants remain to be revealed, Virtu Poker’s upcoming tournament features poker influencer and Hall of Famer Phil Ivey along with noted influencers, celebrities and industry leaders and members of the virtuous Poker Pro team, Ethereum’s co- Founder Joe Lubin will join. Nick Rose, founder and CEO of the Etherity chain, NBA Hall of Famer Paul Pearce, and many more.

Under the supervision of CEO Ryan Gittleson, Virtue Poker offers a proper online poker experience through a decentralized peer-to-peer poker platform deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. The decentralized poker platform supported by ConsenSys has already partnered with SuperFarm, a well-known NFT platform, to offer its IDO prior to its mainnet launch.

Gittleson comment, “Virtue Poker is excited to take this next step to raise awareness and adopt the world’s first blockchain-based P2P poker platform. Through our partnership with Superstarter and the execution of our Celebrity Poker Charity Program, Virtue Poker has become a part of our community. Will be able to develop the foundation as well as perform the stage to a wider audience. ”

The poker tournament will be broadcast on Twitch as well as on the participant channels. Virtuous Poker has kept the rules of the tournament very straightforward. A total of 12 players, including celebrities and members of each community of virtuous poker, superfarm, and ethernity, will sit face to face at the table. After the first round, only half the players will reach the final table.

In addition to the high bets, each participant will also receive a unique NXT operated by Superfarm. These NXTs will also be used as chips in the tournament as a ‘bounty’. Winning players will be entitled to the NXT of the players they defeated during the event. In addition, viewers can predict the results during the livestream and win amazing prizes.

In addition to charitable works, the tournament will also include prizes and gifts for users streaming the event from their homes. From ‘Easter-Egg’-themed gifts to NXT, users can win multiple prizes by watching the event live.

Phil Ivey, a poker pro and team member, “Having worked with the Virtue Poker team for over 3 years, I am excited to see the platform launch and be part of their first live stream event on this innovative platform.”

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