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Clean-Water Nonprofit Launches Celebrity-Funded Bitcoin Water Trust

Charity: One based in Waters, New York non-profit With a mandate to bring clean and safe driving water to developing countries, bitcoin has begun to be accepted (B T c) donating through a dedicated cryptocurrency fund – a move that could help the organization attract new donors to its initiative.

The launch of the Bitcoin Water Trust Allows Donations: Water to receive and hold bitcoin donations to fund global water projects until 2025, the nonprofit announced Friday. The fund’s assets will be entirely in bitcoin, with the intended execution of water projects being settled in the leading digital currency.

“We are encouraged by the already overwhelming support for the Bitcoin Trust Initiative,” said Scott Harrison, the charity’s founder and CEO. water, adding:

“By establishing this trust, we aim to harness the transformative power of this generational digital technology to make a lasting social impact, and in the process of providing a potential model for other charities that are working to do so. are.”

One of the fund’s most prominent donors is professional skateboarder Tony Hawk, who has supported charity: water for more than a decade. “I am honored to support the Bitcoin Water Trust, and I believe that bitcoin has serious charitable growth potential,” he said.

Donations: Water has tapped 100 visionaries to donate at least 1 BTC to meet its lofty goal of collecting at least 100 BTC. The first 50 BTC donated will be matched by bitcoin entrepreneurs Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. Other early members of the fund included some of the most recognizable names in crypto, such as Mike Novogratz, Barry Silbert, Anthony Pompliano, Meltem Demirors, Corey Klipstein, Yoni Assia, Bill Miller, David Marcus and Ayesha Kiani.

crypto-focused charity It has exploded in popularity in recent years, reflecting the growing acceptance of mainstream digital assets. The rise of crypto charities was recently demonstrated when two blockchain projects, Elongate and Platform, increasingly Raised over $3 million for various charitable causes. Meanwhile, The Giving Block has launched New Crypto Giving Pledge in April To accelerate industry-wide charity efforts. The American Cancer Society has also started accept cryptocurrency donations Through a dedicated fund established in partnership with The Giving Block.