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Coinbase Launches Crypto Discounts for Online Shopping via Apple Pay and Google Pay

Online shoppers paying with their Coinbase card on Apple Pay and Google Pay will start enjoying crypto rebates.

in one Announcement On the Coinbase blog released on Tuesday, the exchange service revealed that from June some whitelisted customers will be selected to enjoy the crypto rebate feature.

As part of the announcement, Coinbase revealed that customers who use their Coinbase cards on Apple Pay and Google Pay can earn up to 4% in crypto rewards for online purchases.

“When you can earn 1% back in Bitcoin or 4% in Stellar Lumens, the separation for GuamCol with your Coinbase card is a no brainer,” the announcement stated.

As previously reported by Cointegraph, Coinbase becomes direct Visa card issuer Back in February 2020. As of March 2020, Coinbase Card users in Europe already Use their card on Google Play.

Coinbase was announced amid a significant increase in mobile phone payments in the United States. While mobile phone payment penetration in the US still lags behind China, the region experienced 29% increase in 2020.

In addition to up to 4% in crypto discounts, the exchange says it has other plans to expand its Coinbase Card reward program. Since June 2019, Coinbase Card has added more countries to its coverage, expanding the supported virtual currencies, even including stablecoins such as Dai.Midwife)

Crypto debit cards are seen as a significant part of efforts to promote retail cryptocurrency use for micro-transactions. Meanwhile, payments giants such as PayPal have also entered the retail crypto payments sector, with US customers able to pay for online shopping with bitcoin (B T c)

According to a Mastercard survey from May, 40% of respondents worldwide have expressed interest in adoption of crypto payments In 2022