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Creating new frontiers in the NFT space

Blockchain technology, the underlying infrastructure that enables crypto transactions, is constantly evolving. Being a simple ledger that records all transactions, it has evolved to be an alternative to the traditional financial industry. The latest developments in the blockchain space currently revolve around NXT – irreplaceable tokens and decentralized finance (DFI). Although these are separate applications of DLT, which have many uses in the real world, their paths are starting to converge and they will soon be inseparable.

While the symbiotic relationship between DeFi and NFTs is inevitable, marcis Making it happen now rather than doing it later is accelerating. Marsys is a leading, self-governing decentralized NFT asset valuation platform that brings the concept of DeFi to NFTs through efficient use of DAOs. In their current format, NFTs mostly serve as in-game badges or collectibles similar to good old physical trading cards. Recently, NXTs are turning to digital representations of real physical objects such as paintings, luxury goods, and even other digital content on the blockchain. These characters also present the ability of NFTs to act as an asset representing some of the true financial instruments which is a significant step forward for the DeFi industry.

Decoding the real value of the NFT

Currently, the value of NFTs is dictated by their rarity, exclusivity and sometimes by origin – if a well-known personality, artist or studio is involved, it can fetch huge amounts. In turn, valuation of many other assets without the necessary pedigree is undervalued, or worse remains undiscovered. Also, who is going to decide what the true value of a popular seeming NXT is?

As a fully decentralized NXT asset valuation platform, MARCIS is creating an independent and unbiased platform where communities come together to evaluate NXTs to decide their true value. The mechanism ensures that all NFTs and its creators get a fair chance to redeem for their efforts to create a masterpiece in the NFT field. The evaluation process is handled by Marsys’ voting protocol, which is powered by the platform’s native SIS utility and governance tokens, among various other functions.

When people vote for NXT on Marsis, they are rewarded for their contribution to the ecosystem in the SIS token. In addition, the vote stacking facility enables NFTs receiving community votes to act as consensus contributors and generate returns. The number of votes received by NXT is directly proportional to its yield generation capabilities. In addition, these votes also increase the value and visibility of NFTs.

Vote staking is one of the many DeFi features in the Marsys ecosystem. Other DeFi features include a more traditional DEX staking pool and dividend pool. The DEX staking pool enables users to earn by providing liquidity on PancakeSwap where the SIS is listed, while the dividend pool generates rewards as a percentage of the commission on all trades involving the voted NFT, which is issued to voters. is. Put together, the platform offers three different revenue generating capabilities for its users, among other features such as NXT Creation and Marketplace, cross chain compatible irreplaceable assets, synthetic asset aggregator and NXT fragmentation solutions.

Promoting NFT Creation and Participation

Marsis There is something for everyone on the platform, whether it is just finding and voting or creating, listing and trading NFTs. The former are referred to by Marsis as Spacewalkers, while the latter are either called residents or guests, depending on whether they make NXT or just trade them. Whatever their role, every user on the platform has to be part of one or the other of the campaigns that allow them to earn SIS.

Something New in the NFT Space

Further enhancing the NFT ecosystem are three distinct features. The cross-chain compatibility feature will expand the horizons for the MARSIS ecosystem by allowing listing, promoting and supporting NFTS on various blockchains such as BSC, ETH and HECO. Meanwhile, synthetic asset aggregators enable the creation of synthetic NXTs based on various financial instruments for investment and trading purposes.

Furthermore, the NFT fission feature lowers the barrier of entering the NFT market by facilitating small investments to secure a portion of the NFT asset.

All these things include Marsis NXT is redefining the industry by making crypto assets easily accessible while expanding its applications across various verticals. In their eyes, NFTs are just not collectible and they have set out to prove it.

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