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DeFire (CWAP) Token Now Listed on Exchange – Press Release Bitcoin News

Press release. The exchange is thrilled to announce the listing of CWAP, which is available for trading on 11 June 2021 at 10:00 am UTC. CWAP was created by the DeFire team as the core currency, which sets the ‘true’ economic incentives through its platform. Will start trading with CWAP USDT and B T c Add.

What is Defer?

DeFire is an order router for decentralized execution locations or, in general terms, a DEX aggregator. What does all this mean? DeFire provides optimal order execution across a universe of decentralized exchanges and other order routing services. In other words, DeFire is in the business of providing the best rates for DeFi trading.

The nature of price dynamics within the DeFi ecosystem flows from order flow originators (casual traders, institutional traders, wallets with DeFi features, etc.) to execution venues (DEXs and lending platforms) as it depends on the trading agents they choose. are send their order flow. The DeFire algorithm optimizes this selection process, bringing market efficiency to the broader DeFi ecosystem within a given Layer-1 network.

However, DeFire’s value proposition is much broader than that. The team plans to deploy the game-changing DEX in the coming months. The actual parameters behind routing optimization routines will be defined in a series of blog posts that will emerge in the near future and further calibrated as parameters are set in stone in smart contracts. However, this is subject to change as the project moves towards decentralized governance by introducing the DeFire DAO, where a community of CWAP stakeholders will be able to submit proposals to change system parameters and vote on them.

how does it work?

To explain how the project and ecosystem work, one must look at three different actors, and what each of them has to do with CWAP, the native currency of DeFire. These refer to the following:

  1. order flow originator: These are the entities that generate order flow, and choose to trade through DeFire. These include traders, brokers of all kinds, large and small, as well as referral agents.
  2. Third-party execution locations: These are the entities that route the orders DeFire receives from the originator. In simple words, these are mainly DEXs (or, potentially, other routers in the future).
  3. Pool Originator: Entities that have properties that they use to list said properties in an unpermitted setting or otherwise on a third-party execution site. Listing an asset on a DEX boils down to opening a liquidity pool, hence the name ‘pool originator’.

DeFire acts as a middleware between traders and other orderflow originators, who seek the best, and third-party execution sites that provide liquidity against orders sent their way.

strong support

Danish Choudhary, CEO of the exchange, shared his views on DeFire as CEO of the exchange and advisor to the DeFire team: “I believe the two projects align in ways that open up further collaboration and opportunities. Our community, the team behind DeFire, is built with a range of incredibly talented individuals providing top-notch features for the Cardano network and the expanding DeFi sector.”

Chowdhary adds; “We are very excited to see how DeFire, through its CWAP, will continue to empower its vision for the future of DEX solutions, and gain more access to the exchange with our outstanding community.”

Eric Benz, president of the DeFire Association, also expressed enthusiasm: “We are delighted to be listed on the exchange, one of the world’s most trusted trading venues for digital assets. However, this is only a listing for CWAP. We will now work closely with the exchange team to identify synergies in the Cardano DeFi landscape and leverage our smart order routing technology to their advantage. We on the exchange Look forward to enlisting and working with his team in the future.”

About the Exchange

The mission of the exchange is to empower people around the world, from first-time traders to advanced trading professionals, to trade cryptocurrencies with ease and confidence. With high liquidity, 24/7 multilingual support and dozens of trading pairs, along with a high level of security, we provide an attractive platform to trade any cryptocurrency. Within a year of launch, on average, our exchange has been visited by over 500K active traders per month, and that number keeps on increasing as you read this sentence.

DeFire. about

DeFire is currently pursuing a full-stack DEX solution for the Cardano ecosystem that rivals some of it in the space; a low latency smart decentralized ordering router; As well as offering its features to the growing Cardano network and joining the rapidly expanding DeFi scene. Execution-wise, DeFire connects to the deepest pools of on-chain liquidity, while also building its own dedicated liquidity pool. Their stake and liquidity mining mechanism provides value to their CWAP token holders. Leam more

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