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Defy Yield Protocol (DYP) Launches Decentralized Tool Dashboard – Sponsored Bitcoin News

Yield Farming Protocol DYP has launched its long-awaited DYP tools. DYP Tools V1 is a decentralized tool dashboard built with features that will enhance the use cases of DYP tokens and the entire DeFi ecosystem. The tool dashboard acts as a liquidity locker for any DeFi project and protects the DeFi community by providing a decentralized trust score for all DeFi.

The launching of DYP Tools V1 is an important milestone for the Yield Farming Protocol, and the dashboard tool is equipped with extensive features. Some of these include UniSwap Watchman, Pool Explorer, Unique Community Trust Vote System, Big Swap Explorer, DYP Locker, Top Token Page, Yield Farm Data and many more. Let us look at some features.

Comprehensive data aggregator

DYP has integrated the UniSwap Watchman option that periodically collects data from Uniswap V2 smart contracts. The data is converted to the appropriate format and DYP Tools takes care of storing and sending it within the core.

Pool Explorer is an easy option for Uniswap merchants and shows the latest activity within a supported pool on DEX. It also has filter options that traders can use to check the addition and removal of pools. Traders can also check out the top 10 hottest couples, ETH Price from Coingecko, and the latest ETH Price of gas.

Pair Explorer is more specific than Pool Explorer and scans the pairs’ names and links on UniSwap. Traders can access trading view charts, crypto pair prices, liquidity, volume and other information. Community trust and vote options are also available, and users can view the final 333 swap on a trading pair.

Additionally, the Big Swap Explorer option provides information about large swaps (swaps over $ 10,000) on Uniswap. In this way, traders can know the movements of whales and can be informed of possible liquidity increases or removal from the trading pool. DYP Tools also has a top token page that shows the top 100 tokens based on predetermined parameters, including trust scores, liquidity amounts, amounts, and price changes.

Yield farmers can also view the latest farm data from top crypto data aggregators on one click on the tool dashboard.

Decentralized voting option and zero duty liquidity locker

DYP Tools also has a unique feature for voting that hopes to transform existing community trust systems in Defy and the crypto space. Most common crypto data aggregators support a voting system that anyone can easily manipulate. With DYP Tools, a unique community trust vote system, no one will control the voting process for a crypto project.

DYP has implemented a system under which you can vote on a project only if you keep a token in your wallet to get this transparent system. All that is required of the voters is to connect their wallet and suppress the choice or dislike. The DYP Tools Smart Contract checks whether the wallet contains the required token to vote. If the token is placed on the wallet, a vote will be cast and if otherwise, the voter will be given an indication that they need to hold the token to cast their vote.

The DIFI sector is replete with new projects that claim to have shut down their initial liquidity and eventually rigpul (remove liquidity), leading to the collapse of the project. DYP has integrated the DYP Locker tool which prevents such actions from taking place.

Developers can securely lock their pools using the locker platform at zero initial cost. It is the cheapest lock option in the DeFi space and provides a transparent and fair process for new DeFi projects. To create a lock, 1% of the liquidity provider token will be sent as follows ETH To purchase and lock DYP, which promotes this process. Once the lock period is over, the DYP is sent to the recipient’s wallet with the unlocked liquidity.

other features

DYP Tools also provides users with the option to present information about new projects to increase their confidence score. A button to access DEX to purchase DYP and swap tokens, while users can also change their theme.

Subscription smart contract setup is designed to provide users with premium features. Users can purchase DYP using this feature, and the smart contract locks the DYP for a fixed period of time. The user will switch to a free version as soon as the DYP tokens are unlocked.

DYP has a premium membership for advanced merchants and businesses where users are required to purchase $ 75 worth of DYP tokens and lock smart contracts. If DYP is locked, the user can access the paid version, while upon unlocking DYP, the entire process reverts to the free version.

Premium subscriptions give users access to manual research for new and old projects, access to new features released on the platform, and guaranteed allocation of new project token resale launches on the DYP Launchpad.

DYP also said that it would soon release its launchpad in the coming weeks. Launchpad will offer the market a new token offering and users will be able to participate based on their share or DYP Tools Premium membership.

DYP Launchpad will provide mandatory smart contract audits from top industry security firms. Locked liquidity through project team’s KYC, DYP locker, and locked team tokens on implied contracts.

DYP has continued to fire in the DeFi space, and the launch of DYP Tools V1 is expected to adopt DYP tokens and its project within the crypto space.

To learn more about the Defy Yield Protocol, follow the link below. | Twitter | Discord | Wire | Github | Medium

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