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Developer talks new Vault, products and verticals

Two hilarious blocks from the gated gateway of Bitcoin Miami managed to track down a key contributor to one of the most important projects in decentralized finance (DeFi). Blinded on all sides by unsuspecting bitcoiners, pseudonymous ear finance vault security expert “Doggy B” talks with Cointelegraph about the future of the yield vault protocol, as well as an as-yet-undeclared project to fundraise in Doggy City. Thi – Annals scaring Tony Hawk and Floyd Mayweather as Maxis chatting by our feet oblivious to the leaking of Alpha.

Describing without doxing is a delicate exercise, but here goes: The late Che Guevara beard, unibomber sunglasses, and everything else except a practically non-describing, “undercover FBI agent” vibe—of course. , except for pleasant and friendly behavior.

In 25 minutes to go through the gate, Dodgy breaks down protocol expansion, new products, and Eire’s unique brainpower gap—all of which point to steady growth for a project that’s been firing on all cylinders as of late. Has been doing.

new series, new products

Like many DeFi protocols, Layer-2 has been a focus for year-end developers and Vault strategists.

“A lot of strategists are playing with sidechains, redeploying vaults on sidechains,” Dodgy told Cointelegraph. “The vault will still be on ETH, but it will be a source of liquidity via a bridge from the sidechain.”

The only hurdle is that the bridges between chains can often be “flaky,” as Doggie said – the process can take hours or even days, angering traders and developers. Ultimately, he thinks that the rollup solutions are where the space will migrate in a big way.

“I see this as an exercise in optimism and a more ‘rapid’ layer-two such as ZK-Sync. Hopefully Ethereum lasts longer.”

He also shared that Vaults are in the works that use decentralized exchange liquidity pool positions, a long-awaited product fraught with complications.

“We have been working on and trying to make DEX strategies work for some time, because you have to deal with temporary losses,” he said.

The difficulty with these positions, especially during times of market volatility, is in limiting the downside from temporary losses. Options derivatives for hedging positions was a strategy that was initially tested, but decentralized options platforms largely lack liquidity and the pricing makes it an impractical solution.

The current working model is using liquidity from two safes — say, ETH and WBTC — and combining them to create a DEX pool position as part of the underlying vault strategy, he said.

Regardless of the exact method, finding a workable DEX strategy is a priority, as it is one of the few areas that have yet to be explored.

“Obviously it is orders of magnitude more complicated, but DEX is the only vertical where it is billions of dollars that we have yet to tap.”