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Dogecoin co-founder and engineer Billy Marcus (Doge), who moved their DOGE stash to a . sold at par used honda civic In 2015, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have entered the market.

On June 9, Marcus unveiled a Doge-based NFT drop called “capped Dogecoin”, which he described as “too cap, too deflationary, too many tokenomics”. There are many available.”

The NFT is divided into three tiers, and all feature a spinning golden coin, with a picture of the iconic Shiba Inu in a Dogecoin baseball cap – the upper two-tier NFT contains more details such as a colorful cap, outer space background Huh. Or a shiny polish for coins.

Tier one is Open The 420 copies version and can be purchased on Rarible for 0.081 Wrapped Ether (wETH) worth $208.52 at current prices.

Tier-Two is already sold on the Rarible, and there were three copies of it sold for 0.8 ether (ETH) each cost about $2,063.

The third level consisted of one-to-one sold With Foundation user “swagmire” purchasing the rights to NFTs, for 1.5 ETH worth $3,866 on the Foundation earlier today.

Interestingly, “Swagmire” re-listed NFTs for 420.69 ETH, which was valued at around $1 million, although it appeared to be a joke, as they immediately changed the price to 6 ETH, which was worth around $1 million. was $15,500.

Paris Hilton becomes NFT advisor

While other celebrities have left the NFT space following a market drop in prices, billionaire and self-described “boss girl” Paris Hilton is doubling down.

According to the blog via June 8 Post From Origins – Paris Hilton has joined the team as an investor and an advisor, with the firm seeking to provide her with expertise on how to cater to the upper echelons of society.

“As an investor and advisor, Paris will provide strategic advice on how to most effectively deliver value with NFTs for top-tier creators such as celebrities, influencers and brands.” read blog post.

Genesis is an Ethereum-based protocol that helps buyer and seller transactions in a decentralized environment.

According to the firm’s website, the project Wants “Bringing NFT and DeFi to the masses” by enabling users to host NFT sales on their own domains, and offering yield returns with its Governance token, and the OUSD stablecoin.

guild of parents

According to an announcement shared with Cointelegraph, a new mobile-based NFT game called Guild of Guardians has completed the first wave of its “Founder’s NFT Sale”, raising $3 million in sales.

The sale was for a collection of usable and “playable” NFTs that would be offered in the game, ranging in price from $200 to $100,000.

Guild of Gurdians

Philippines-based crypto gaming collective Yield Guide Games Bought one of 10 “Mythic Guild” NFTs worth $100,000. The Legendary Guild NFT allows up to 50 players to enter the game and provides the owner of the guild with a 10% reduction in the earnings earned from in-game guild crafting.

“The response from the community has been incredible. Over 50% of all sales came through referrals – indicating what the community was sharing with each other, and there is a real ‘share-to-earn’ aspect,” said Derek Lau, game lead for the Guild of Guardians.

The game follows the play to earn model, however, Lau also expressed the importance of developing a game that is fun to play and not just about monetary rewards:

Instead of “play-to-earn”, we want to establish the idea of ​​’play-and-earn’ – ensuring that players are playing not only to earn money alone, but also to have fun and great gameplay playing,” Lau said