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Elon Musk, Anonymous Target to Destroy Cryptocurrency Holders’ Lives, Is Trying to Control Bitcoin – Featured Bitcoin News

Decentralized group Anonymous published a message for Elon Musk in a video in which he called the Tesla CEO “nothing more than another drug-rich dude desperate for attention.” They shed light on many things that people may not know about Musk, including how he treats his employees, the damage to the environment, where his fortune came from, how Tesla actually makes money, and bitcoin. His attempt to centralize and control mining.

Anonymous, a decentralized international activist and hacktivism movement, Video directed Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Friday. It is unknown if the people behind this video are the same as the hacktivist group known for its cyber attacks against several governments since 2003. The video begins with a message: “Hello citizens of the world. This is a message from Anonymous to Elon Musk.”

Elon Musk is ‘nothing more than another narcissistic rich dude desperate for attention’

The video begins by explaining why Elon Musk became popular. “For the past several years you have enjoyed the most favorable reputation of anyone in the billionaire class as you tapped into the desire that many of us have to live in a world with electric cars and space exploration,” the group described, to link:

But lately your carefully crafted public image is being exposed, and people are starting to see you as another drug-rich dude desperate for attention.

“It appears that your quest to save the world lies more in the superiority and savior complex than a genuine concern for humanity,” he declared.

Employees, Young Children, Local Environment Victims Under Elon Musk

Anonymous then emphasized that Elon Musk’s lack of concern for humanity is “obvious”. [his] employees facing unbearable conditions for a long time [his] orders for years. “

Group referenced a articles in the Observer Title: “Elon Musk pushing Tesla factory workers to the brink of profits.” The article states that “Tesla workers and activist advocates say the company is putting the health and safety of its employees at risk in its relentless pursuit of these flimsy numbers.”

Anonymous Targets Elon Musk To Destroy Crypto Holders' Lives, Trying To Control Bitcoin

In addition, Anonymous referred to a different Articles on the Times The headline “‘Blood Battery’ Fuels Elon Musk’s Destiny,” stating:

This is evident even to the young children working in your foreign lithium mines, who are also destroying the local environment.

The group also said, “You are open about your desire for a coup to establish dictatorships in the places where your toxic products are being mined.”

“You have prematurely crowned yourself ‘Emperor of Mars,’ a place where you would send people to die,” the group continued, pointing to a Article Title: “Elon Musk Declares Himself the Emperor of Mars.”

Anonymous Targets Elon Musk To Destroy Crypto Holders' Lives, Trying To Control Bitcoin

“Your fans tend to ignore these issues because they focus on the potential good that your projects can bring to the world,” suggested Anonymous.

However, the group said: “You are not the only show in town, and your competition is becoming more intense with each passing day. There are many other companies working on space exploration and electric vehicles. You are the only CEO who have gained a cult following through shitposting and trolling across the world on social media.”

Tesla’s main income comes from government subsidies, not cars

Anonymous then talked about how Tesla makes its money. “Many people are learning now that the majority of Tesla’s income doesn’t actually come from selling cars. It comes from government subsidies, selling carbon tax credits for your innovation with clean energy,” the group said. Elaborated, however, he pointed out:

It’s not technically your innovation, because you’re not actually the founder of Tesla. You bought the company from two people who are smarter than you.

The two people to whom Anonymous referred to were Martin Eberhard and Mark Tarpenning. in one interview With CNBC, Tarpening said that Musk was an investor in the company. “He was always supportive from the beginning but he was not the founder. We started it,” he confirmed. Eberhard continued: “He achieved some really amazing things… I’m not sure why he even had to say he was the founder when he wasn’t. I don’t get it.”

Anonymous Targets Elon Musk To Destroy Crypto Holders' Lives, Trying To Control Bitcoin
Tesla founders Martin Eberhard and Mark Tarpenning. Source: CNBC

a reference Article Titled “Tesla: Bitcoin Sales and Environmental Credit Increase Profits,” Anonymous suspects:

Tesla made even more money from holding bitcoins for two months than it did years selling cars. It is also more than likely that this bitcoin was bought with these government subsidized money.

Elon pretends to be clueless about energy use when Tesla’s main income (government money) is at stake

On the subject of bitcoin and Tesla’s income from the government, Anonymous said: “It is now widely believed that in order to keep green government money flowing into Tesla’s coffers, you must abandon your company’s involvement with bitcoin. has been forced.”

The group noted that “the energy use argument about proof-of-work mining is a very subtle conversation that has to do with how power grids work and how excess energy is wasted by power companies and sought by crypto miners, It requires a fairly complex understanding.” :

It’s a conversation you’ve been having for over a year and were well aware of it. But as soon as your main source of income was threatened, you pretended to be clueless in an effort to play both sides of the fence.

Elon’s attempt to centralize and control bitcoin mining

The video then talks about Elon Musk’s attempt to centralize and control bitcoin mining. On May 24, the Tesla CEO announced on Twitter that he had met with major North American bitcoin miners. During a closed-door meeting hosted by Microstrategy CEO Michael Sayler, he said that the miners have agreed to create a bitcoin mining council.

However, Anonymous said:

[Elon’s] The move to create a bitcoin mining council was seen as an attempt to centralize the industry and take control of it.

The group then referred to a Article Headline on Bitcoin News “Crypto proponents become suspicious of closed-door meeting between billionaires and bitcoin miners.”

Anonymous Targets Elon Musk To Destroy Crypto Holders' Lives, Trying To Control Bitcoin

Elon destroys crypto holders’ lives with memes and Twitter posts

Anonymous also accused Elon Musk of destroying the lives of crypto holders with his memes and tweets, stating in his video:

Reading the comments on your Twitter post, it looks like the games you have played with the crypto markets have destroyed lives. Millions of retail investors were actually relying on their crypto profits to make their lives better.

The group continued, “It’s something you’ll never understand because you were born in the stolen property of a South African apartheid emerald mine and have no clue what the struggle is like for most of the world’s working people.” is.” Article Title “Elon Musk’s Family Once Had an Emerald Mine in Zambia – Here’s the Fascinating Story of How They Got It.”

Admitting, “Of course, they took a risk on themselves when investing and everyone knows how to be prepared for volatility in crypto,” Anonymous said, “but your tweets this week are a clear disregard for the average working person. show.” He concluded:

As hardworking people sabotage their dreams over your public temper tantrums, you keep mocking them with memes from one of your million-dollar mansions.

The video ends with a message to Musk that says: “You might think you’re the smartest person in the room, but now you’ve met your match. We’re anonymous. We’re LeT. Have hope.” The video is shown below:

What do you think of Anonymous’s video and message to Elon Musk? Let us know in the comments section below.

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