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ETH’s slow transaction speed makes crypto users to choose XinFin

XinFin is a unique cryptocurrency with hybrid blockchain technology chosen as a solution for crypto users. Ethereum is the first blockchain platform launched in 2015. This is the main Altcoin Between the crypto space. Its low transaction speed and high gas fees frustrate developers and investors.

Drawbacks of the Ethereum network

Being a well-known blockchain platform with a wide network, ETH fails to serve users with high transaction speeds like other networks. Developers and investors are upset because of the low transaction speed and the estimated high gas charges for all transactions.

Initially, gas value was added as an incentive for crypto-miners to develop the network. But the fact is that in 2021 gas tariffs are still at a peak. This has influenced casual investors to use any DFI platform. ETH Transaction.

In February, a crypto investor shared a payment bill made on the ETH platform. He pointed to a $ 74 gas fee for a SushiSwap transaction of $ 75. Ethereum has a large number of developers and investors. It supports multiple projects, applications and timely services.

In addition, ETH users feel a long wait as it takes 10–20 seconds for each transaction. Along with this, users are forced to pay gas charges added to the transaction. This forced Ethereum users to think about moving to alternative platforms with a convenient technology platform.

As an Ethereum user, Kadena, co-founder of blockchain tech-focused firms, shared Stuart Popjoy,

“A deluge of transactions to serve the latest craze, only because it is attracting more users from your app.”

The first look of the upgraded ETH network, “Ethereum 2.0”, was launched on 1 Decemberscheduled tribe, 2020 is generating publicity among ETH users. Now the ETH team and manufacturer Vitalik Butyrin are looking forward to the second block, which is expected to launch between 2021– 2022 with an innovative nature to serve the crypto market.

Alternative blockchain platform as a quick solution

As ETH failed to meet the needs, developers and users quickly planned to move to an alternative platform. XinFin Hybrid Blockchain Platform Encourages investors to transact in less than 2-seconds. The main advantage of using XinFin network is that it provides 2000+ TPS with almost zero gas charges.

XinFin’s projects help users save time by working in a streamlined manner. This enables businesses to build high performance with unique technical characteristics. The XinFin operating system helps speed transactions, security and liquidity for all projects.

with Xinfin, The subsidiary blockchain platform is TRON. Tron launched its blockchain platform in 2018, with benefits of 2000 transactions per second, which excelled on Ethereum. Tron ranks as a leading payment gateway with 0 transaction costs such as PayPal.

However, the current performance of the ETH network disappointed users. Therefore all such issues with high gas tariffs and low transaction speed should be decided at the launch of Ethereum 2.0. Only then can ETH raise its flag in the crypto world.

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