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Fox launches $100 million creative fund for NFT content creation

Rupert Murdoch’s mass media company Fox Corp. has launched a $100 million creative fund for NFTs under the auspices of its new NFT firm Blockchain Creative Labs.

The NFT Division was unveiled last month, alongside a new animated comedy series from Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon called “Krapopolis.” The show is set to premiere in 2022, and will be a satirical comedy focused on life in ancient Greece.

Fox says it will use the $100 million funding to “build, launch, manage and sell end-to-end blockchain computer ecosystem solutions to support content creators, IP owners and advertising partners on NFT content.” And experience, and fungable tokens as digital goods and assets.”

Blockchain Creative Labs will also be keeping a close eye on identifying “growth opportunities” that present themselves in the rapidly evolving NFT space.

Scott Greenberg, the former president and chief operating officer (COO) of independent animation company Film Roman, has been named the new CEO of Blockchain Creative Labs and will oversee the unit and the newly formed Content Fund.

Greenberg oversaw the production of The Simpsons during his time at Film Roman, and currently serves as CEO of Bento Box Entertainment Studios – a firm he co-founded, a subsidiary of Fox and Blockchain Creative Labs. is also a partner.

Bento Box has produced the cult favorite animated comedy show Bob’s Burgers, along with other notable series such as Hoops and Central Park.

“Entrepreneurs at our core, Fox and Bento Box are uniquely positioned to bring exciting offerings to the digital goods, tokens and NFT markets,” Greenberg said.

As reported by Cointelegraph in May, Blockchain Creative Labs Lab Partners with the firm will manage a dedicated marketplace for the show.

The Marketplace will include content such as NFTs and background artwork, GIFs and tokens depicting characters that unlock exclusive social experiences for dedicated fans.

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It is not yet revealed which animated series will get their own NFTs via Blockchain Creative Labs, however, there is Speculative That a series could possibly be produced by Bento Box is in light of Greenberg who is now overseeing both firms.

The long-running Fox animated series The Simpsons has also been discussed as a possible alternative, with the show referring to cryptocurrency on several occasions.

In February 2020, a Jim Parsons featured in The Simpsons episode As a guest star on The Big Bang Theory, who explained crypto and how a blockchain works. An April 2021 episode featured Marge checking her investment gains after watching a show called “Crazy Cash”, which featured bitcoin displayed next to an infinity symbol on ticker feed.