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GameStop’s NXT market, NBA star Lamello’s ‘Mints career’ on NXT … and more

It appears that “r / wallstreetbets” favorite meme stock company GameStop is in the process of developing its own NFT market.

Although an official announcement has not been made, the gaming giant has launched a website called “nft.gamestop” – and is currently looking for recruitment:

“We welcome exceptional engineers (Solidity, React, Python), designers, gamers, marketers and community leaders. If you want to join our team, create your profile or something you’ve created: nfteam @ gamestop. com. “

The information on the bare bones website is sparse. In addition to the job listings, there is a Nintendo Game-Boy-like gaming console with the GameStop cartridge topped. The console’s screen contains green text that reads, “Power to players, power to creators, power to collectors.” The budget of the website looks like it was under $ 20.

Interestingly, the bottom of the console contains a link to an Ethereum address. above Search Address on Etherscan, it appears that the firm will be using Ethereum’s ERC721 standard, with an overview showing “GME tokens”, though so far in vogue.

In the comments section on Etherscan, some “R / WSB” members have already come to show support, with many commenting with “I Like the Stonk” – a popular meme within the community.

Lamello has a symbolic ball

Charlotte Hornets star Lamello Ball is set to drop a collection of 500 Dynamic NXTs – non-static and updatable NXTs – before the NBA Rookie of the Year announcement in June. It has not been revealed yet on which platform the collection will be launched.

Ball told ESPN on May 28, “As I learn more about the blockchain, I realized that this is the most powerful and unique way to connect my fans personally in particular.”

Ball is one of three cheating candidates of the year and is dropping 500 “Dynamic NXTs” that will be automatically updated to include the award (if he wins it).

Unlike static NXTs that cannot change, dynamic NXTs can be updated with new data because they rely on “persistent smart contracts that use Oracle to communicate and react with external data and systems Huh” accordingly For Chainlink Labs.

Dynamic NXT Framework, Chainlink Labs

Using Dynamic NXT, Ball plans to update or “level up” NXT according to the events of his NBA career. The 20-year-old also plans to offer a lottery that will allow NFT collectors to “burn” them in exchange for a chance to win game-commemorations.

Sherma Chowdhury, co-founder of Playground, a Southern California-based NXT design studio that works with Ball, told ESPN, “Lamello will become the first athlete to make his career on the blockchain.”

According to ESPN, with 500 Dynamic NXT, Rookie of the Year plans to release 9,500 standard NXTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Nft are gucci

Christie’s art auction house has announced the launch of a new NXT auction called “Proof of Sovereignty” – featuring a token fashion film featuring Gucci.

The auction is already underway and is due to close on June 3, curated by Art and Crypto Media co-founders Advisor Firm Universe Contemporary, “Lady Phoenix.”

The auction will feature artworks from 19 different artists and will feature fashion giant Gucci’s first NXT – a token fashion film co-directed by Alessandro Michele and co-directed by renowned photographer and director Floria Sigismondi.

The film explores themes of “universal desire for renewal”; “The yearning of blooming and flourishing after the shade of winter has passed,” and its initial bid is $ 20,000.

All proceeds from Gucci’s NXT sales will be donated to UNICEF USA, which supports UNICEF’s role in Kovacs – “an initiative aimed at ensuring global equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines.”

Animoca Brands and Hedera

NXT Game Developer Animoca Brands Has entered into a partnership with a public distributed ledger or DLT, Network Hadera Hashgraph To develop two DLT-based gaming projects.

Hedera Hashgraph revealed that the first project is an NXT-based soccer game, which will include the tradable token player NXT supported by Hedera’s original token HBAR.

NXT can be redeemed after an undisclosed “cooledown period” for HBAR, with the firm claiming that it will be “the first time an NXT is redeemable for a fixed and guaranteed amount of an underlying crypto asset.”

The second project, called “Helix Tana”, will be an independent DLT-based online gaming platform focused on taking down fraudsters.

Coming Soon – Helix Warp

“Helix Warp will counteract fraud by creating a server-side simulation environment and leveraging Hedera consensus service to record results. Game developers will be able to plug in Helix Warp and deploy hack-resistant leaderboards to their games.

The blog post stated, “Helix Warp will target HTML5 games, using Helix-wise tokens to get started and to ease the ecosystem.”