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Garlinghouse laughs at the rumors that he was behind the Bitcoin Energy FUD

Brad Garlinghouse The bitcoin energy debate weighs in on saying that Ripple is a more energy-efficient alternative to leading cryptocurrencies.

Speaking to CNBC, Garlinghouse said that Elon Musk’s U-turn on bitcoin was justified. Furthermore, it is not surprising that the Tesla boss eventually flipped over bitcoin, given his environmental credentials.

Bitcoin Energy FUD

Two weeks ago, Elon Musk carried out a blast that Tesla would no longer accept Bitcoin Because of their concerns that it was harmful to the environment.

After a sharp sell-off, the price of bitcoin declined further with more FUD. While there has been some relief this week, BTC is well below the 200-day moving average, indicating that bears are currently controlling the market.

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The incident has reinvigorated the debate on the environmental impact of Proof-of-Work (PoW) cryptocurrency. Bringing stability back to the agenda once again.

Proponents of bitcoin including twitter Jack dorsi, Says that bitcoin can be made green over time. but Garlinghouse This argument is rejected by stating that facts and trends do not support this view, and that Dorsey would need to “reevaluate himself” down the line.

“I think that with the passage of time, Jack Dorsey will have to take a look at the fact patterns and trendlines and reevaluate himself.”

How does ripple differentiate itself

Ripple prides itself on being a more energy-efficient platform than bitcoin. Instead of useless PoW mining, Ripple laser Independent validation reaches consensus through a network of nodes. This process acts as a distributed economic system that stores accounting information.

Garlinghouse Ripple claims to be a million times more energy-efficient than bitcoin, and most people underestimate the environmental impact of bitcoin.

According to the Ripple boss, 95 million acres of forest will need to be planted to compensate for the carbon cost of the bitcoin network for a year.

“To offset this, from the carbon production standpoint, to compensate for this, you have to plant 95 million acres of forest, which is basically the size of California.”

In response to Ripple’s claims behind the bitcoin energy FUD, Garlinghouse laughs at the rumor that key people are talking about the problem, not just about themselves.

“Look, you have Bill Gates speaking about all this, you have Janet Yellen speaking about this, you have Elon Musk speaking about this.”

He said that if Ripple remains in such influence and influence, it will not cease in the fight with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

“If Ripple can control those people, we won’t have a lawsuit from the SEC as an example. So, this is a real issue, the way we resolve real issues is to internalize them, they have to Understanding and addressing them. “

In any case, he implied, rather than an attack on bitcoin, there are discussions of how to solve the problem.

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