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Hawkinson shared his top tips for avoiding crypto crashes

CEO of Input Output Global (IOG), Charles hawkinson, Resorted to social media to share their advice on dealing with difficult times. Drawing on his experience running a multi-billion dollar firm, Hawkinson points to Mindfulness as the key to going through this difficult time.

Crypto market panic

The events of the past week were a real wake-up call for anyone with a vested interest in crypto. FUDChina, fueled by threats from Elon Musk and US regulatory concerns, has conspired to crash the market.

A week and a half ago, crypto markets were riding high as the total crypto market cap reached $ 2.5 trillion for the first time. But after the FUD incident, the FUD incident saw things get worst.

The market fell locally on Sunday after the market’s $ 1.3 trillion boom, causing a 48% drop in value across the board. While some tokens fared better than others, Polygon and Maker showed signs of fighting, the losses of the last five days have taken their toll.


As a result, fear, anger and panic came to dominate. This has only been exacerbated by crypto-haters who like this crash.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) retweeted a message posted in February when markets were going to remind us that important common sense rules apply equally during a recession.

With this, what can be done to deal with the decreasing portfolio valuation for those who are still in line?

Mindfulness in adversity

To create a cool effect on things, the IOG boss Charles hawkinson Weighed on the situation by promoting mindfulness and resilience as a strategy to handle the stresses of the previous week.

Hawkinson said investors have no control over macro events, which have risen sharply in recent times to cool the market.

“What’s really hard when you have a collective event. You see that crypto markets are crypto markets, and right now the macro on the US side is that regulation is coming. And action is being taken from China .These two have put needles in the market’s balloons, and now things don’t seem so hot.

Like what CZ said, Hawkinson said that exaggerating oneself is a recipe for disaster. But he says, anything to be said about this, people, in general, do not listen.

“No matter how much you warn people and how much you talk about this stuff and how much you say,” Hey, be careful and respect that the stuff that goes up goes down, ” People don’t listen. They will never do that because they think that the moment they get rich, all the problems will go away. “

To get to where he is now, Hawkinson said he faced difficulties and uncertain times. But what he got through ups and downs was mindfulness, which he recommends to include in our routine.

Mindfulness is a type of meditation that involves being acutely aware of what is being felt and felt in the moment, without any interpretation or judgment. It includes breathing methods, guided imagery, and other exercises to relax the body and mind.

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