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How Extreme Fear in Crypto Relates to Bitcoin Bottoms

The crypto market is in absolute fear for the longest phase in over a year, coinciding with Bitcoin plunges heavily by over 50%.

The once trending cryptocurrency has yet to recover, leaving the market and participants in a state of extreme fear. But as past data shows, fear is often a good thing for bitcoin, and helps the asset find support and at least a short-term bottom.

Bottom Lines: Bitcoin Price Action Is Entirely Related to Fear and Greed

Fear is one hell of an emotion and can also “create” the so-calleddiamond hand“Bitcoin holders sell panic. No emotion comes close to prompting humans to act more irrationally than fear, other than greed.

Greed can be even worse, blinding investors and traders to what is happening around them. When money is easy, it’s hard to click that sell button and secure a profit, knowing that prices can move a lot.

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The two emotions are almost never in equilibrium when it comes to the markets, which tend to change from one extreme to the other. particularly noteworthy.

Many investment legends have made a name for themselves and built their reputation based on them. other way round, and there is a reason for this that could not be more clear than comparing the Crypto Market Fear and Greed Index with Bitcoin price action.

Fear and green correlates well with tops and bottoms | Source: BTCUSD on

A Simple Trick for Regular Crypto Investing Success

When others are greedy and others are greedy, be afraid. Buy blood in the streets. All these famous finance quotes refer directly to opposite trade. Then again, can’t one just control their emotions, and sell it when things get scary and when other people are raving about their gains on social media?

crypto market fear and greed index bitcoin price action Shows how this “one simple trick” really works and can make you rich. Yet it is still extremely difficult to pull off.

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The fact is that no one knows at the moment, and although it looks obvious from behind, things could really go either way. Being greedy when others are fearful and being fearful when others are greedy improves your chances of success.

market upside When things are at their best or worst, and always when participants least expect it. By learning to change their thinking, traders can also learn to control these two important emotions. This is why in technical analysis, sticking to the strategy is of paramount importance.

By doing this, even if feelings arise, there is a plan to fall back on and argue why you took it in the first place: Fear Sometimes Equals the Bottoms in Bitcoin.

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