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Integrates with 1 inch Mercury, enabling Fiat onramp for Defy

The decentralized exchange aggregator 1 Inch Network has partnered with Mercury, a cross-border payment network, to provide its users with a more seamless gateway to Defy – potentially opening up the market to greater adoption.

“To date, some users have been discouraged from entering the Defy space because the current options for purchasing crypto are too complex and inconvenient,” said 1-inch network co-founder Sergey Kunz.

“The integration between 1 inch and Mercury provides a user-friendly way for everyone to enter the space, buy cryptocurrencies and start trading or securing their assets.”

Mercurio CEO and co-founder Petr Kozyakov said his company has seen a “huge demand” for the Fiat onramp solution for Defy:

“If you look at the pace of industry growth, it is not possible to ignore DeFi. We see a huge demand from our users and partners to enable Fiat-on-Ramp solutions for DeFi enthusiasts. And We are proud to be integrated into 1inch Wallet., As we value the power of its supporting community. “

1inch network has been in the news lately Polygons in detail – A move that opened up additional liquidity sources and higher throughput to its users. On April 24, also 1 inch Apple launched a new mobile wallet on iOS, Enabling users to instantly swap tokens on their mobile devices.

DeFi is still one of the hottest sectors of the cryptocurrency market. in spite of Recent market downturn, The total value of the DeFi sector is about $ 126 billion in locked, accordingly For the latest industry figures. The number peaked well north of $ 160 billion earlier this month. The total market capitalization of DIFI projects now exceeds $ 107 billion.