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Luis Figo and Ricardo Quaresma Join Blockchain Startup DotMoves as Brand Ambassador

Famous sports celebrities often find their way to innovative products, services and technologies. For Luis Figo and Ricardo Quaresma, the next creative venture involves blockchain technology. Both former professional football players have become brand ambassadors of blockchain startup DotMove.

Former football player stay in the game

It is often difficult to separate a football player from the game of football, even if his active career ends. Most players will study to become the head coach, team manager, or discover some other task in their field of passion. The situation is not much different for Luis Figo and Ricardo Quaresma. His passion for the game has not diminished in the last few years. However, the approach taken by both former international players may surprise some.

Instead of remaining on the pitch, both Figo and Quaresma venture into the blockchain space. As new brand ambassadors for dotmoves startups, they will increase the appeal of this application among football enthusiasts globally. dotmoovs Gamify is competitive freestyle football for players of all ages, genders and races. The winner of each face-to-face competition will be awarded with a native MOOV token or non-convertible token that is not found elsewhere.

As Luis Figo is considered one of his best football generation – winning the Ballon d’Or and the World Player of the Year – his contribution to Dotmoves will increase the project’s appeal. Ricardo Quaresma is famous for his football tricks – including Rabona and Trivilla – which other freestyle enthusiasts often try. Both men have played for some of the biggest clubs in the world, making them very popular among young and old fans.

The dotmoves initiative

Both former football players are attracted Dotmoves For some particular reason. For Luis Figo, the vision of dotmoves is similar to the Luis Figo Foundation. The organization promotes and develops various projects spanning sports, social action, health and education. Since Dotmoves offers in-app freestyle competition globally, it is necessary to have football giants with similar vision on board.

Dotmoves head of growth Ricardo Martins Costa says:

“As we are launching Football Freestyle as the platform’s first game, it was clear that we should have at least one football legend. Figo was the original Galactico, the first truly world famous football superstar of our generation, so we had to introduce him to the project. A few weeks later we were flying to Madrid to meet him and do some shooting sessions. “

As Ricardo Quaresma enjoys doing football tricks, it is not difficult to see why he also became a brand ambassador. Dotmoves’ initial focus on football would not have been possible without the help of the former football players and the feedback they provided. An innovative approach is needed to make this popular game accessible and competitive during COVID and post-COVID times, and blockchain technology can be a powerful tool in that setting.

Image by Phillip Kofler from Pixabay

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