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Making a case that bitcoin is down

Bitcoin price has returned to $ 37,000, Recovering from a catastrophic fall to as low as $ 30,000. The sell-off created fear in the market, as never before, making buying dips a scary risk.

However, there are many indications that the bottom may occur, while all sentiment has come to a complete downturn and the market expects more depth. Could this in itself be a sign that the bottom is there?

Recycling of recent crypto market reforms

Recent peak in bitcoin price There was a “top” that very few people saw coming from a technical standpoint, it was clear. BTC was closing the exchanges and Fundamental backed very high prices, but after such a strong run up, the top trending cryptocurrency was sure to be right.

And corrected it – a full 50% and then some. Historically, this is one of the most serious bull market reforms. The severity of Black Thursday’s move prompted an upward polar opposite reaction.

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But can a similar collapse be a catalyst in the recent collapse? Propelling prices too high, And a. Not start Bear As many would expect the market? For one, the emotion is ripe for reversal.

Stacking down signals for bitcoins

After spending almost a full year in greed mode, the crypto market scare and greed index is one of the most frightening readings yet. Opposite investor Everyone recommends buying blood on the streets and being greedy when others are afraid. Being frightened while others were greedy has clearly paid off for someone Who took a small position at the top – As rare as can be.

But there are more signs than this.

BTC bounced right on rising RSI support | BTCUSD on

Perhaps the biggest technical factor indicating that bitcoin is down is the fact that three days Relative Strength Index An ascending trend has been reversed which has supported all previous bottoms in crypto.

In December 2018 and again on Black Thursday – and now has bounced once again. A similar story can be seen in the chart above which includes how the 2017 bull market had a similar growing support structure.

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A floor here, suggests Another impulse in bitcoin Before the bull market ended. This means that the pain from the recent setback is not yet over, as sellers may be forced to return FOMO to much higher prices, which will help to overcome the fury of the final impulse.

The interesting thing is that the accident happened where Parabolic curve Another basis for the trend of greater bulls would be to support higher growth, adding more credibility to the bottom.

Bitcoin ichimoku bottom

A long-term bull trend is still holding | BTCUSD on

Also in three days, the price of bitcoin is Ichimoku holding in the cloud After piercing the bottom of it. A Bullish Hammer Candle is being formed in support. If bulls can pass through here and push the leading cryptocurrency from the cloud to the market cap, then the bull market will remain unbroken and new heights in the forecast.

Remember, the techno said that a top was inside and no one saw it coming. Currently, things are somewhat mixed but the case for the bottom becomes day by day.

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