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Mexico lawmakers aim to follow the example of neighboring countries with proposed bitcoin law

Eduardo Murat Hinojosa, a senator in Mexico’s federal government, has said he will submit a proposal to lawmakers aimed at crypto adoption in the country.

In a tweet today, Hinojosa Changed His profile picture shows the senator speaking into the microphone with the iconic “laser eyes”, indicating support for crypto. The MP said he would specifically mention bitcoin to “promote and propose a legal framework for crypto coins in Mexico’s lower house”.B T c)

Hinojosa wasn’t the only Mexican lawmaker indicating his support for crypto. Indira Kempis Martínez, a senator representing the state of Nuevo León, also Close Her profile to show laser eyes, with Hinojosa discussing To him as a friend for the cause.

“We are going to be leading the change in crypto and fintech in Mexico,” said Hinojosa.

The social media activity comes as countries in Latin America are taking steps towards greater adoption of crypto. In a video announcement to participants of the Bitcoin 2021 conference last week, El Salvador President Nayib Bukele Said he would send a bill Demanded the country’s legislature to make bitcoin legal tender.

On Sunday, Paraguayan Congress member Carlitos Rezala indicated That crypto will be connected “An important project to innovate Paraguay before the world”, starting this week. tomorrow he couple that he was working with local crypto figures “for Paraguay to become a hub for the world’s crypto investors.”

Although there are many individual investors in Mexico who returns bitcoinsMILF officials in the country reported last year That the cartels were increasing their use of crypto to launder money. At the time, the head of the Mexican Attorney General’s Cyber ​​Investigation Unit stated that the country’s law enforcement lacked the necessary resources to tackle money laundering when crypto was involved.