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More Americans Heard of Dogcoin than Ethereum: Survey

In just five years since launch, Ethereum introduced the world to smart contracts, decentralized finance, yield farming and irreplaceable tokens, and has long stood behind bitcoin as the second largest blockchain project by market capitalization .

Dogcoin (Doge) Is a mem cryptocurrency that has provided no innovation, for no real reason, and is popular only because it has become a well-known multi-billionaire game during the last 12 months.

So naturally, as one might expect, the average citizen is already more familiar with Dogcoin than with Ethereum. This according to the results of a poll conducted by Harris Poll with Coupon Cabin, which asked more than 2,000 adults in the United States to give their views on cryptocurrency.

According to the survey’s findings, 29% of respondents said they were familiar with Dogcoin, while only 21% were familiar with Ethereum.

Out of a total of 2,063 respondents, 89% said that they must have at least heard about cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was already known to the majority (71%) of the respondents, with Dogcoin being the second most well-known coin.

Other digital assets that Americans claim to be familiar with include the stable currency launched by Coinbase and Circle, USD Coin (Usdc), Of which 21% of the respondents stated that they have knowledge. Some 18% of the respondents said that they are familiar with Litcoin (LTC), And 10% said stellar (Xlm) Was known to them.

Asked whether they believed cryptocurrency would become the future of money, 31% responded positively, and 30% said they considered crypto to be “innovative”. At the same time, 23% of respondents said they considered cryptocurrency to be an instant-rich scheme, while 19% described the technology as shady or nefarious. About half (44%) of the respondents said that they are ready to acquire cryptocurrency as part of the online cashback rewards program.