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The payments industry has gone through a revolution in the last few years. The most obvious examples of this are international commerce and distance work. Blockchain and cryptocurrency have transformed online transactions by ensuring real ownership, security, speed, access and inclusivity.

Nowadays, people have become used to buying something and making uninterrupted payments, or receiving compensation through a mobile device or computer. Cashless became the norm and convenience became necessary, especially due to the COVID-19 effect. As demand grew, crypto payments became an ideal option – whether you are working from home or you want to buy from an e-commerce shop in the early hours.

Remit One of the solutions that offers the broadest range of crypto payment services. It is a non-custodial blockchain payment system that can be integrated and rolled out within minutes. A truly hassle-free crypto payment experience!

With Remibit’s peer-to-peer non-custodial blockchain ecosystem, payments are now efficient and fluid. There is no better time for merchants, professionals and business owners to make their payment systems safe and secure for the future.

Your keys, your crypto

Cryptocurrency payments actually have the potential to create a more borderless and globalized economy. With the aim of bringing fast and secure financial services to people without access to the bank, Remibit lives by its motto of “your key, your crypto”. This means that no one else has access to your money regardless of the situation.

Remibit’s non-custodial web The wallet Can be basically integrated with Merchant app For automated crypto for fiat exchange of payments received. The Rembit app and Rembit wallet work on any device with a modern web browser. You can access them from any desktop or mobile operating system as well as install them on your mobile device from Google Play and Apple App Store market.

Handheld Business Solutions

On the other hand, if you have other business partners, RemiBit Direct, RemiBit’s B2B tool, can enable businesses to transact with each other within the RemiBit platform. Simply add a business with your unique Rembit ID to easily query or send crypto. Everything becomes faster and easier once your contact is added to the remit address book.

In addition, freelancers and professionals can now have the option to get paid in crypto. The Invoice Generator feature allows you to produce full invoices to pay on any supported crypto – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Teether USD (ERC20), Bitcoin Cash, Litcoin, Zcash, Dogcoin and Commercium and send them to your customers is. The status of your invoice can be tracked 24/7 in the invoicing activity panel.

Don’t delay and keep up with today’s digital demand. Whether you are a crypto novice or you are sophisticated enough to be a crypto expert, a payment solution like Rembit is what you need to exceed your expectations.

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