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Polkavar – An Innovative NFT Fighting Game Platform

PolkaWar, an upcoming NFT-based fighting game, announced that the company has secured $400,000 in funding from strategic partners ChinaPolka, BMW Capital and PolkaBridge in an exclusive private-sale round held earlier this month.

The project’s much-awaited NXT + gaming multiverse has shown great interest and enthusiasm by each investment team, and they are eager to support Polkavar’s future within the cryptocurrency. PolkaWar expects more enthusiasm for initial investments from institutional and organized funds and the company thanks everyone for their patronage and support so far.

The capital raised will provide the ability to deliver the roadmap faster, and deploy the project in a brief period. The NFT and gaming subfields are starting to heat up on myriad blockchain networks, and Polka war Is uniquely positioned to benefit from this upcoming boom and enthusiasm. After securing $ 400k in funding from some of the most respected investment firms within the crypto-sector, the company will move aggressively and without any relief.

Polkavar will also introduce an Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO), with much appreciation and gratitude to individual cryptocurrency investors who have shown support. These IDOs will be held on several different launchpads to provide an opportunity to participate in the project and invest in its future. Dates and procedures will be announced on time, so stay tuned!

Polkavar plans to build the future of the NXT-based gaming platform by creating a wide and engaging multiverse where players can fight among themselves. The platform will also have an NXT-marketplace, which will allow players to buy, sell or rent their weapons, along with costumes and characters. In addition, we have designed a revolutionary unique system to redeem Polkavar NFT For real-life replicas, deliverable anywhere in the world upon request. This adds an interesting dynamism to the project, as people are likely to better relate and develop a bond with the embodiment of NFTs.

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