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RNS Solutions and TrustedChain Develop Blockchain FinLite Platform for Islamic Development Bank – Press Release Bitcoin News

Press release. Pakistan: RNS Solutions Pte Ltd, the leading blockchain software development company from Pakistan, Korea and Singapore this week announced a great partnership with ICD-Islamic Development Bank Group, a multilateral development bank that promotes social and economic development in member countries, and reliable chain Software Development and Consultancy Firm in Saudi Arabia.

As part of the partnership, the consortium (RNS Solutions and TrustedChain) will develop a blockchain and AI-based financial literacy (FinLit) platform, which will feature a crowdfunding lab based on blockchain technology. The platform will also include an interactive financial learning management system and financial AI chatbot support system.

In an effort to provide financial education and information to younger generations, who are often unprepared for the financial demands of the modern world, FinLit will break down the complex financial and investment terms, services and products within the platform.

“Our young people often drop out of college, in the real world, not knowing how to use their current income into sustainable and generational wealth” Dr. Shakeel Muhammad, President of RNS Solutions. “FinLit will provide various modules ranging from financial learning to project exhibitions by hackathons, webinars and tracking. Each project will have token equity for startups and will enable investors to make safe and profitable decisions regarding project funding.”

As part of the platform, users can engage in relevant and non-relevant discussions using an embedded AI based chatbot. Through Natural Language Processing (NLP), the chatbot is able to provide context, answers and information so that the user can come up with the most informed response. Machine learning techniques will ensure that the correct financial definitions and answers are given on each question.

By providing such information and support to young people, they can help maintain resilience during an economic downturn, protect confidence in financial decision-making, boost personal savings beyond their imagination, and support local banks, jobs, and the overall national economy. will be able to. prosperity. Additionally, this kind of financial literacy will be available to everyone from young men and women to families, SME owners and entrepreneurs.

antalia The blockchain will be used for the crowdsourcing module and the AI-based chatbot will provide query support and real-time feedback within the platform for all users,” said Dr. Mohamed Alkarni, CEO TrustedChain. “Antalia Blockchain is a scalable and interoperable blockchain. Which will help the Finlite platform to interact with various currencies through the Antilia Oracle Pool. Lastly, the platform includes a detailed learning tracking system that will guide the user through setting goals, enrolling in courses, and advancing in their personal financial literacy.

Having been active in Asia for many years nationally and internationally, the RNS Solutions MENA partnership with TrustedChain will drive rapid economic growth in the greater MENA region. Related to blockchain and software, the partnership with RNS Solutions will put Asia and MENA on the map as the forerunners in the blockchain development game.

The much-anticipated FinalLit software development platform is set to change how individuals around the world access, process and benefit from financial education.

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