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Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht speaks publicly for the first time since 2013 – Bitcoin News

At the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami, attendees heard the first phone interview with Silk Road’s Ross Ulbricht from the depths of a maximum-security prison in Tucson, Arizona. During the interview, Ulbricht talked about bitcoin and how the decentralized crypto asset is “changing the global economy.” After the phone call, Ulbricht was placed in the hole, according to the official Free Ross Twitter account.

Ross Ulbricht talks about bitcoin in his first interview from prison

Ross Ulbricht was heard by participants at the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami this year. recent interview It was recorded by Bitcoin magazine and is the first recorded phone conversation with Ulbricht since his arrest. Ulbricht touched on the loss of his freedom, saying that from his imprisonment he has “watched bitcoin grow out of here over the past eight years.”

During the phone call, Ulbricht noted that he was around during the early days of the bitcoin network and that there weren’t many altcoins and forks at the time. Ulbricht added that in addition he views the crypto ecosystem as one big “family”. Through his lens in prison, Ulbricht elaborated that he has seen the cryptocurrency space calling for a lot of innovation since his departure. Ulbricht said:

I’ve seen incredible innovation. I have seen inspiring courage. We didn’t know how things would turn out for bitcoin in the beginning, but over the years, I’ve been consistently impressed by what you’ve achieved – we’re changing the global economy. We have brought a taste of freedom and equality to every nook and corner of the world. I know we can change criminal justice too.

Ulbricht: ‘Bitcoin is strong. Bitcoin is powerful. Our work is not over’

Ross Ulbricht’s case has been called a “miscarriage of justice” and has been criticized by more than 250 organizations, eminent personalities and global leaders. Ulbricht. showed support for. The creator of the Silk Road Marketplace has one of the biggest petitions in America: petition is signed by 433,845 persons to date. The petition is seeking clemency for Ulbricht because his crimes were non-violent and that his “investigation, trial and sentence were rife with abuse.” During his phone call with Bitcoin Magazine, Ulbricht spoke about Silk Road, saying:

I thought that with bitcoin, I could try and do something that really made a difference- at the time, I was impatient. I went ahead with my first idea, which was the Silk Road… This is a 26-year-old man who thinks he has to save the world before someone beats him up. I didn’t know the Silk Road would work, but now we all know it’s going on. It used to be used to sell drugs, and now I’m in jail.

Ulbricht also said that it is ironic that he built the Silk Road because he wanted “freedom, privacy, [and] Equality. But what happened is that he was “wounded in a place where those things don’t exist.” Meanwhile, he sees a lot of potential with bitcoin and crypto participants in general, as he believes “bitcoin is strong.”

“Bitcoin is powerful. We are powerful. And our work is not over,” Ulbricht emphasized. After the phone call interview, free ross Twitter accounting Elaborate that Ulbricht was recently thrown into the hole. “Ross is put on the phone after a recorded interview at SHU (aka ‘The Hole’) [Bitcoin Magazine] was broadcast on [Bitcoin 2021 conference] this weekend. Please keep Ross in your thoughts and prayers. tweeted on 8 June.

What do you think of Ross Ulbricht’s recent phone interview and his reflections on the innovations of the Silk Road and the bitcoin network? Let us know what you think about this topic in the comment section below.

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