Cryptocurrency News celebrates Euro 2020 with prizes worth one million euros

One of the biggest events of the international football calendar, Euro 2020 is finally here. After an understandable but disappointing postponement due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Europe’s biggest international tournament has begun. To celebrate the return of Europe’s summer football festival, The cryptocurrency is offering users prizes worth over one million euros, including $100,000 in rewards.

More ways to win with free-to-play games

Users can win a free bet every time they’ve already bet, win a game in the tournament. In addition, users are also eligible for a chance to play and win for free through the company’s special edition European Championship free-to-play games.

The 4-3-Free Game Type plays each day, there is a match and if all four questions are answered correctly, users can get a free bet of $50. Bet Free-6-6 gives players a total of seven tries while the tournament goes on to accurately predict six correct scores. The person making the prediction will win outright $100,000 worth of crypto.

The Euro 2020 competition coincides with The Fun. bright. The Fair Cup 2021 will also include a 1 BTC prize during the final casino tournament. In addition, regular casino tournaments are eligible for 380 MBTC prizes for multiple winning modes.

clubhouse and club talk chat

For anyone interested in joining the latest buzz or reading the hottest news from the tournament, Clubhouse is the ideal place. This latest innovation from, offers round-the-clock news updates, 24/7 clubhouse radio, betting tips, tournament stats, video previews and footage, and much more. Anyone who is actively involved in the conversation gets another chance to win special bonuses and prizes through the Club Talk feature.

Justin Le Broc also joined the talks around Euro 2020 and the unprecedented one million euro giveaway.’s head of marketing said he knows how eager everyone interested in the sport is for the European Championships, which was one of the driving factors behind’s Road to Club Glory.

He said a tournament taking place across the continent made the clubhouse the perfect place to follow the action, keep up with the latest news, join the club talk chat and race to receive a great bonus was.

Stay busy and stay tuned for your chance to win

Le Broc also said that “with great promotions, free-to-play games and tournaments available, the Sportsbet family is looking forward to seeing everyone join in during what promises to be the magic month of football.”

After an extensive delay, the excitement over the Euro 2020 competition could not be overdone. But by joining a special contest where users can win a share of up to one million euros in prizes, the celebration has intensified.

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