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These bitcoin tweets were way ahead of their time

Bitcoin came to life in 2009. More than a decade later, today’s day looks back on a plethora of developments that have built the surrounding industry, complete with other blockchains, assets and solutions. Few people knew about bitcoin (B T c) in its early years, while others have since jumped on the train in different droves. Looking back at the history of Twitter, we find some tweets that were way ahead of their time.

In 2010, a Twitter user saw Bitcoin’s potential, nevertheless, expressed doubts about its future. Little did they know how common the term bitcoin would become, which would turn out to be the subject of many Mainstream News Interviews and reporting.

someone else on twitter idea They were behind the game, back in 2010! This tweet refers to a date after December 1, 2010. Bitcoin’s daily price candle for the day reached a high of around $0.23 per BTC, accordingly For TradingView’s Bravenewcoin BTC Liquid Index. For reference, bitcoin $60,000. reached the level above per coin in April 2021.

another twitter user redeemed In their 2011 Christmas gift for the digital asset. If they hold BTC until 2021, their decision could pay a significant percentage return based on price action.

There’s Finally Twitter of 2009 for This Batch of History Post from the now deceased Hal Finney, who was Involved in bitcoin from the beginning. This retro tweet came shortly after bitcoin on January 21, 2009. Genesis Block launched on 3 January 2009. Since then, some assets, such as Monero (XMR), have come into existence, citing greater secrecy.