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Top NFT galleries to see in person in 2021

As restrictions are being eased for many, those looking to leave their homes to discover their region or country can ride the non-fungible token (NFT) wave with physical exhibitions and galleries that will be launched in 2021. will open in the second half of the year – with some already opening their doors.

Will there be an opening in your area soon? Is one already open? Do you want to travel domestically or internationally and experience a medium of art that seems inaccessible?

Let’s take a look at nine galleries in Australia, Europe and the United States that are blurring the line between reality and the Metaverse, and some that can only be visited through a visit to the Metaverse.

put shoes on them, and let’s

Museum of Art and Philosophy: Hobart, Australia

The Museum of Art and Philosophy, an NFT-focused gallery in Australia, will showcase artists who were originally published in its print magazines, New Philosopher and Womankind. Upon examining the NFT boom, the gallery’s curators decided that a physical gallery would be a great way to present NFTs in a way that allows people to come and experience them for themselves.

The opening will coincide with Hobart’s “Dark Mofo” festival from 16 to 22 June, inviting everyone to come and see what NTF is up to.

out east

Two galleries in Russia are planning, or have already organized, galleries and exhibitions that exhibit and educate the public in the world of contemporary art and NFTs. As the borders open up to football fans, these galleries plan to open their doors to the world of digital art and NFTs.

Underground Museum: Moscow, Russia

Located in Zaryade Park in Moscow, visitors to the Underground Museum can view some of the features of Russian NFT artists as well as works by contemporary Russian artists. The pieces and exhibits are set to change at least every two weeks, and the NFTs displayed in this gallery have been put up for auction on Rarible.

For example, here is an excerpt from the NFT video “Waves” by Fayaz Azizov from the second “Sovorisk #onstream” exhibition, which opened on May 20.

Hermitage Museum: St. Petersburg, Russia

Although little is known about the actual opening of the exhibition, the world-renowned Hermitage Museum is looking Open a gallery showcasing and exploring NFT artWith a host of seminars presented by ITMO University speakers and museum staff and curators. The project plans to be the first exhibition in Russia to explore the usefulness of NFTs and examine how their work can challenge traditional copyright controls and ownership.

heading west

Three galleries in Europe have dedicated themselves to showcasing NFTs, showing how the new era of digital and blockchain art can have the potential to influence a new art movement.

Kiwi Space: Riga, Latvia

Kiwi Space Showroom, Hosted by Kiwi 1001, Offers many different NFT artists and his contribution to the NFT sector. Housed in more than 100-year-old Galerija centres, this public exhibition showcases up-and-coming NFT artists and everything fresh in the digital art realm – as voted on by Kiwi1001’s Discord users themselves. The exhibition started in early June, so visit Riga if you want to support emerging artists and a promising industry.

Francisco Carolinum Linz: Linz, Austria;

From June 11 to September 15, the “Proof of Art” exhibition is held in Francisco Carolinum Linz and is advertised as one of the world’s first exhibitions of NFTs: history, applications, predictions of the future and non-fungible tokens. The impact of this will be in the world of art.

The museum will focus on educating its visitors on the world of NFTs, ensuring that the public knows exactly what is happening and how it all works. To bring the excitement back home, Francisco Carolinum Linz also construction Ethereum-based cryptovoxels have its museum online, ensuring that those who wish to learn about NFTs can do so in any environment that is comfortable.

Museum of Modern African Art: Amsterdam, Netherlands

This is your last week to witness the achievement and excellence which is the first NFT gallery to display portraits of African kings and queens in Amsterdam. Known as “Portraitist”, this artist’s exhibition of African kings NFT is currently on display at the Museum of Modern African Art (MOMAA), the first exhibition to proudly represent African art and history in blockchain and NFT is one of. Community. See works by The Portraitist as of June 18.

going to the new world

Three notable exhibitions are opening in the United States this summer as citizens welcome the fresh air and open galleries. Spanning three different regions of the country and three different cities, each with their own unique culture and environment, they keep one goal in mind: to promote the world of NFT art.

Blackdow: Miami, FL

quick with miami Blockchain To Be The Hotspot For All Things, Blackdow Gallery certainly hits the spot in its effort to change the way people view NFTs. With a collective effort of over 50 international artists contributing over 100 NFT artworks, this gallery is sure to catch waves with the crypto community.

Opened on June 3, Blackdow viewers also have the option to purchase NFTs on the spot, allowing visitors to support artists directly, as well as allowing people to own their own piece of this new contemporary, digital art. get a chance.

imnotArt: Chicago, IL

After developing their own online NFT gallery, the creators of ImnotArt Metaverse decided to branch out into the streets of Chicago with the first brick-and-mortar NFT gallery in the city.

The gallery opened on 3 June, making itself “not a pop-up”. The gallery’s creators aim to establish a new way of merging physical reality and the metaverse together, creating an environment that is unlike anything in its nature.

Bright Moments: Venice Beach, CA

As a way of welcoming beach-goers to the world of NFTs, Venice Beach Gallery is showcasing Bright Moments NFTs and bringing the virtual world to reality. In addition, art shows, speakers and other events are scheduled at the gallery, inviting visitors to book more, educating visitors and providing an entertaining, fresh environment for NFT enthusiasts and skeptics.

stuck at home?

Despite much excitement surrounding experiencing these physical galleries in person, the Metaverse still has galleries that can be accessed from the comfort of your home – such as the ones mentioned above by Francisco Carolinum Linz and others. Museum of Crypto Art Located in somnium space.

There are many ways to jump on the NFT train, with galleries opening up to the physical world and the metaverse. So, regardless of which platform suits your needs, the pursuit of adventure can be found anywhere.