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‘Vain But Unreliable’ – New Electric Car Mines Crypto When It’s Standing

Canadian light electric vehicle maker Demak has announced an upcoming electric car that can charge or park Bitcoin, Ethereum and Doge.

According to the firm’s June 1 announcement, the “Spiritus” electric car is set to debut in 2023 and will be equipped with “an industry-leading GPU in mining price-to-profit.” However, details are sparse on what the specific capabilities of mining hardware are.

“The Demak Spiritus is the first car in history with mining hardware and cryptocurrency technology to be programmed in a user interface,” the announcement said.

Crypto Interface – Daymak

Each Spiritus will be an “eco-friendly crypto miner node”, which includes Demack Nebular Mining Hardware, Nebular Crypto Wallet and Solar Charging Capabilities. is merciful postponed that, unlike other vehicles, the Spirit will not be a depreciable asset:

“While most vehicles are depreciating while you sit in your garage, Nebula Minor will give you money while your Spirit is parked.”

Despite the technological achievement, it may be uneconomical (or at least not particularly profitable) to mine various cryptocurrencies in the form of small-scale consumer rigs that are likely to fit in a car.

The “Documenting Bitcoin” Twitter Account Found The Weird Side Of The Application Renewable Energy Backed Crypto Mining For one car, telling its 435,200 followers that it is “pointless, but unreliable.”

The firm has also said that the Nebula Wallet app will offer Features of betting drivers for, and supports “Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, Cardano, and more”.

Daymak is now taking pre-orders for the car, and accepts crypto payment in doge, Ethereum, Cardano and Bitcoin, and “are working with various exchanges to offer leasing payments via crypto.”

The Spirit comes in a “Deluxe” model priced at $19,995 and an “Ultimate” model priced at $149,000. It appears that the models differ only in driving performance such as top speed and battery life, and additional features such as wireless charging and custom paint – and not in mining hardware capabilities.

Spiritus Deluxe and Ultimate Model – Dayamaki

This isn’t the first time a car has been rigged with crypto mining hardware, back in January crypto enthusiast Simon Bryan installed one. Portable Mining Rig in your BMW i8 Hybrid Vehicle. At the time, Brian’s car was estimated to be able to generate $122,000 in profit per year.

“We envision a future where your highway tolls, your parking and your drive-thru orders will be paid directly on the fly with crypto. Your online bills and your banking will be paid in crypto through a single software platform. can be controlled through the medium,” said Aldo Biochi, president of Demac.

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