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ViaBTC celebrates its fifth anniversary with five major surprises for you

Great waves carry away the sand, then the real gold comes out

Since the birth of cryptocurrency mining, enthusiasm has been increasing year after year, and the hash rate of the entire network has continued to grow. Individual miners can no longer manage it as a scalable, specialized and globalized mining industry that has become the norm. Following the bitcoin halving and the volatility of the crypto market over the past few years, the pool mining industry has also stood the test of time, eliminating countless vulnerable market participants. Those that have survived have basically evolved in a scalable, specialized way.

Since its inception on June 5, 2016, ViaBTC has grown into a world-renowned mining pool. Committed to providing the best services for miners, over the past five years, ViaBTC has been improving its products, making itself the preferred choice amongst most miners. It is this core intent, commitment and great technical strength that transforms this five year old company into a global comprehensive crypto mining pool that is one of the top five mining pools by BTC hashrate and top three by BCH and LTC . Hashrate.

Committed to original intent during five years of dream pursuit

For the past five years, in addition to providing stable technical support, ViaBTC has always kept the interest of miners at the top of its list of priorities, and continues to roll out new services to protect their income. For example, it provided several income settlement methods such as PPS/PPLNS, so that miners could get better income through the most suitable channels. Plus, they can automatically withdraw their mining yield and swap cryptocurrencies into USDT or BTC, thus securing a stable source of income even in the midst of volatile volatility.

ViaBTC also gains a first mover in financial innovation by introducing “hedging” and “staking”. The “Hedging” service provides a way of hedging against the risks posed by crypto price fluctuations based on the bias of market dynamics, and “Bets” provides working capital to miners in a short period of time to enable them to face forced liquidations. Don’t have to face Both services are based on the logic of maturing financial instruments to maximize miners’ yields.

ViaBTC’s commitment to high quality services, deep technology accumulation and continuous efforts to innovate products over the past five years are behind its good reputation among global miners. On June 1, ViaBTC officially launched the “Give Me Five” program with idea rewards to celebrate its fifth anniversary. During the warm-up period for this event from June 1 to July 4, you can answer questions in the egg and win prizes at any time on the event page.

Five eggs with $2,000 worth of BTC

After the warm-up events, the celebration of the fifth anniversary will officially begin on June 5th, and everyone can get their hands on all five eggs that contain multiple BTC/ETH/DOGE rewards and rate coupons for transactions across multiple cryptocurrencies. Are included. (For more information, please click here:

All ViaBTC users are welcomed to this fifth anniversary celebration. During the event, you can earn rewards in the corresponding eggs for completing any of the following five tasks:

  1. Answer all 8 questions in “Prize Questions”;
  2. turn on automatic swaps (for any cryptocurrencies);
  3. View specific referral codes;
  4. withdraw assets from CoinEx for the first time (or turn on hedging);
  5. hash rate of any mining pool > 0;

We appreciate the continued trust and support of existing miners over the past five years and welcome more new miners to join us in our fifth anniversary celebrations to share the benefits of digital mining!

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