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Virtue Poker Funfare integrates non-custodial wallets into its platform

Partnership and integration are essential aspects of the cryptocurrency industry. Virtue Poker is integrating the Funfare Wallet for all its players. An important step for this popular and trusted decentralized poker provider.

Virtue Poker Takes Next Step

There are many advantages to providing decentralized poker to the world, including fairness, transparency, and accessibility. One aspect that virtue poker lacked was the support of a non-custodial wallet. Users often want to redeem their earnings as soon as possible, yet they have to do this operation manually. Directly integrating a non-custodial wallet solution helps reduce that extra step.

An important milestone is the integration of Funfare Wallet into the virtual poker platform. Users can sign up on the Virtue Poker platform without leaving the app to set up a wallet. Everything is accessible within the application. In addition, the wallet supports converting both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies into VPP, the original ERC20 token of the decentralized poker platform. This is an important enhancement of the overall user experience, which paves the way for many new poker players to be onboard.

Lloyd Purser, COO of Funfare Technologies commented:

“We are thrilled that Virtue Poker is one of the first dap developers to complete the integration of our solution.”

“Having gone through the pitfalls of self-development, we know what is important to Dapp developers and their customers. That’s why our experience in building and running our own Dapp is supported by partners like Virtue Poker in their efforts Could. “

FunFair has been active in the blockchain space since 2017. His focus on decentralized gaming makes him a viable partner to the virtue poker and other gaming-related efforts in the market today. The wallet integrates with xDai, Optimism, Binance Smart Chain and the latest blockchain technology for a simple yet powerful user experience.

Increasing speed

Funfare Non-Custodial Wallet Integration is another feather in the cap of a virtuous poker team. After completing their recent $ 5 million strategic investment round in April, the team is pushing for innovation and expansion. Since its inception in 2016, there have been several successful funding rounds for Virtue Poker, increasing the appeal and potential of this decentralized poker platform.

Virtue Poker co-founder Ryan Gittleson says:

“When we were looking for potential partners for this venture, we knew that we wanted a solution that would ensure that customers never feel that they have left the ethical poker environment. In addition, we need solutions to be customizable, secure and provide all the benefits of blockchain. “

“Funfare Technologies delivers this in spades. Customers expect a sign-up process like Amazon, Facebook and other sites. It’s a non-starter that offers anything less than a seamless onboarding experience. We leverage our players Looking forward to working with his new partner. “

Decentralized applications, services and products continue to surround the world by storm. Gambling, and more specifically, playing poker on the blockchain, has proved to be a successful business venture. Providing support for a non-custodial wallet will empower all players even more and highlights the industry’s ability to bring it to the table.

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