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Wall Street Giants Want to Be Your Landlord

Homebuyers in the United States have faced difficulties acquiring single-family homes following year-long business shutdowns and lockdowns following Covid-19. There seems to be a new wave of homebuyers in the US real estate market, with buyers from hedge funds, pension funds, clearinghouses and financial services companies. The load of real estate assets under the wings of the US banking system today has analysts and economists very concerned about the next financial crisis.

Wall Street Bankers Are Buying All Single Family Homes in America, New Breed of Buyers Demanding 20 Percent More

While the US government and the Federal Reserve have told US citizens that the country’s economy is very bad, investigators looking at the data know that something is not right. The public is well aware that the US central bank has increased its monetary supply more in 2020 than any year before in the country’s history.

After the infamous ‘Black Thursday’ on March 12, 2020, people may assume that US megabanks are carrying mountains of USD. Be that as it may, the Federal Reserve and the US banking cartel currently sits on top of an itch for mortgages, land titles and single-family homes.

Something is up in US real estate land, as data and multiple opinion editorials suggest that the Federal Reserve and US mega-banks are manipulating the market. Mainstream media is reporting on real estate market The demand is being toyed with, but experts on social media are digging further. One constitutional commentator on Twitter dubbed “cultural husbandDiscussing this topic with journalist Tim Poole from the YouTube channel Timcast IRL.

“I’ve just been denied a loan for a small single family home,” Poole said To his 815K Twitter followers on Thursday. “I think the market is rigged right now. It doesn’t make any sense. My credit is too high, my income is too high. But they said my credit was too low which is absolutely not true. Shocking The thing is, all these companies are talking about buying a house in cash on the spot. I’m lucky enough that I don’t need a loan to buy a house, so I can get ahead of them. But for any other working class What about the person?” pool Asked his followers.

The host of Timcast IRL continued:

What if BlackRock is quietly relieving Banks. Due to the COVID lockdown, tons of mortgages are unpaid and they are covering bad loans.

Wall Street wants to be your landlord – the ‘Great Reset’ agenda

The real estate market has people worried that the banking cartel might try to pull off another financial disaster as they did during FDR’s heyday and the 2008 financial crisis.

some people are speculating that real estate bubble In 2020 and in 2021, the global elite is beginning The “Great Reset” Agenda. While many think the Great Reset is merely a conspiracy theory, the US property market points to a possible future where: “You will have nothing, and you will be happyThe constitutional commentator Kulturhusbandry believes this to be the case.

“BlackRock is buying every single family home they can find, paying 20-50% more asking price and outperforming typical home buyers,” tweeted CulturalHusbandry. “Why are corporations, pension funds and property investment groups buying entire neighborhoods under the middle class? Let’s take a look. Homes are popping up on MLS and going under contract within hours. BlackRock, of others Beach, thousands are buying new homes and entire neighborhoods,” said the Twitter account with 33,000 followers.

Kulturhusbandry doesn’t just speculate on Twitter about the reality of this massive buyout as commentators shared myriad sources showing mega banks buying all-American real estate. Twitter account shared the report stemming from wall street journalhandjob property correspondenthandjob New York Posthandjob the Atlantichandjob American Economic Freedom Project, and baron’s who all explain that Wall Street Wants to be “your new landlord”“Cultural husband forwardhu said:

The great reset is real. This is happening. This would be the largest transfer of wealth and the greatest consolidation of power in the history of mankind.

an estimate Let the US Federal Reserve’s 2020 M1 growth eclipse two centuries of USD creation. This too an estimate That 24 to 30% of all USD was created in 2020 and Q1 2021. In addition, the central bank’s M1 chart posted on the Fed’s website was closed. In recent times, inflation has gripped the US economy and U.S. Dollar done too weak.

Investigative reports and data now show that M1 expansion has made its way into the US real estate market and banking cartels have taken over a lot of property during the past year. in spite of some reverse repomortgage-backed securities (MBS) are being held tight by the Federal Reserve. In fact, as of June 2, 2021, the US central bank owns 21% of all mortgage bonds in America. statistics Show that the Fed bought more than $100 billion a month in MBS from lenders and mega banks.

“The Fed is aggressively buying MBS (mortgage-backed securities). Another clear example is how artificially pumping liquidity into an asset creates bubbles and releases down the line. This is not healthy,” Macroeconomics and commodities strategist Gianluca said late May. Federal Reserve’s own statistical data The US central bank owns approximately $2.273 trillion in MBS.

Before Covid-19 made headlines in the US, central banks around the world applicable Massive monetary easing policy change. Simultaneously, long before Covid-19, the Federal Reserve and Wall Street banks were buying retail and commercial assets in the form of mortgage-backed securities. Joy Wiltermuth, financial columnist from MarketWatch Reported On the Fed’s MBS purchase in November 2019 when the bank was buying about $30 billion a month in MBS.

Wiltermuth said that “the Fed aims to eventually give up its MBS holdings,” but instead of giving up on MBS, the central bank tripled its real estate purchases. What if banks are going bankrupt due to non-payment of one year mortgages,” Tim Poole asked his Twitter followers the next day. “Someone has to bail him out,” the journalist said.

What do you think of working-class home buyers competing against the Fed and BlackRock in the US housing market? Let us know what you think about this topic in the comment section below.

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