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Some of the most influential people in crypto. be in the limelight on the second day of bitcoin 2021 miamiOffering words of wisdom about decentralization, privacy and the future of financial inclusion.

Day 2 began with a panel discussion focused on the macro landscape of bitcoin, where Morgan Creek Digital founder Mark Yusko drew attention to the destruction of the dollar. Federal Reserve’s Endless Money Printing. “Forty-nine percent of all dollars were made in the past 12 months,” he said, adding that the US dollar “is the biggest shitcoin of them all.”

After heavy panel discussions surrounding bitcoin and monetary policy, famed skateboarder Tony Hawk discusses what happens when a counterculture goes mainstream. “It was so fast, it was international, for me it was the future of finance,” he said of bitcoin. “I bought bitcoin in 2012.”

Hawke hit the half pipe to show off some of his great skills.

The Nakamoto stage also included a panel discussion entitled “The Ethical Case for Bitcoin”, where investor, educator and notable Texan Jimmy Song negotiated About the importance of property rights: “Property rights are the most basic human right… without property rights there is no other right.”

Lightning Labs co-founder Elizabeth Stark and principal macro analyst Lynn Alden share stage at the beginning of the afternoon for a session titled “Bitcoin for Billions, Not Billionaires.”

“There are billions of people in the world who do not have access to financial services. Bitcoin is extremely important,” Stark said, adding:

“We’ve heard a lot about bitcoin being bad, but I really care a lot about bringing this technology to people who may not be allowed on Twitter, who don’t even speak English!”

“Every decade or so, there are new victims of government debt, and we should be paying more attention to bitcoin’s use cases rather than just its investment appeal,” Alden said.

Along with Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz and Paxos co-founder Charles Cascarilla, “Ubiquitizing the Bitcoin Infrastructure” was the next theme to grace the Nakamoto stage. Chief Discussion.

“Bitcoin is already the most-held asset outside the US dollar,” Novogratz said, adding that he is “wildly optimistic”.Constitutional adoption of cryptocurrencies.

cascarilla negotiated About bitcoin’s “incredible potential” beyond just price appreciation:

The Forum for Green Energy, which was headlined by angel investor Steve Lee and Bitcoin Magazine technical editor Aaron van Werdum, had an unexpected halt when a member of the DOGE military hooked up the platform:

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