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XCarnival Secures $2 Million Seed Investment – Sponsored Bitcoin News

Synthetic assets open up many opportunities for investors by not restricting them to a specific niche. If the concept excites you, here’s good news x carnival. Recently, XCarnival announced It has secured a seed investment of US$2 million in its quest to recreate synthetic assets in crypto.

The investment was led by top crypto funds including Fundamental Labs, Zonf Partners, SNZ, EVG, NGC, etc. Also, institutions such as AU21, Incuba Alpha, DFG, Waterdrip, LD Capital, Gate, ChainCapital and Bitrice Capital.

Leon Liu, Founder of XCarnival, Crypto Influencer, Investor and one of the most influential community leaders, said, “We are very excited for the progress of the funding, which shows the investor confidence in our project and our team.” Binance Smart Chain Chinese community.

Being the next generation synthetic asset platform, XCarnival is committed to building non-standard asset leasing, pledging and lending businesses. Plus, XCarnival also provides a number of synthetic asset templates for users who want to build financial products quickly. The first version of XCarnival is based on R&D deployment Binance Smart Chain, while it promotes R&D ETH Layer 2 and Solana.

Why would XCarinval rediscover synthetic assets?

Essentially, a synthetic asset is a token derivative that emulates the value of another asset, with little variation in the properties of both assets. Recently, synthetic assets have grown in popularity as they help people who do not want to own real assets.

Synthetic assets characterize relationships with the underlying asset, rather than using contracts to create a chain between assets. As a result, synthetic assets are able to provide exposure to any asset in the world by operating within the cryptosystem itself. People now prefer synthetic assets over every other asset for a variety of reasons.

With XCarnival, you can overcome the constraints set by synthetic assets. Not only can you use them to inject liquidity into the market, but XCarnival has also enabled synthetic asset solutions that reduce the hassle of issuing financial derivative products. What otherwise would have taken millions of dollars and months to develop and apply for distribution on Wall Street, can now be easily produced and produced in less than ten minutes and hundreds of dollars by anyone using the synthetic assets of Excarnival. Thanks for the solutions.

Such a platform, which allows people to use their creativity, would significantly promote innovation and efficiency, allowing synthetic assets to become more mainstream. Youtube is a prime previous example of such a platform. When Youtube was launched, it changed the whole concept of film production and distribution as we all know. Not only did he cut the cost of filming and production in Hollywood from millions of dollars and months to minutes and almost nothing, but he also changed the filmmaking landscape for the better. Youtube has also assisted in the creation of multi-billion dollar industry giants such as Tik Tok, as short films and videos have become an integral part of people’s everyday entertainment.

The Youtube of finance is the breakthrough XCarnival wants to offer, and synthetic assets are the way to get there.

Synthetic Assets in Decentralized Finance Ass

Synthetic assets play an important role, especially in the area of ​​decentralized finance or DeFi. The use of synthetic USD has been particularly popular. Today’s investors are more concerned with getting the best possible return on their assets than anything else. Synthetic assets are here to save the day by enabling easy and cheap transactions in such a situation instead of filling up the required paperwork and bulky contracts for normal property.

With the development of decentralized finance as well as this latest round of investment in Excarnival, the year ahead is full of opportunities and looks quite promising. If you want to learn more about XCarnival and how they work with synthetic assets, check them out below:




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